Monday, November 5, 2012

Media Preview: MapleSEA JUSTICE

MapleSEA is a localized version of MapleStory, and is the world’s first side-scrolling 2D online game. It offers cute, adorable avatars and cool-looking maps which leaves a distinctive mark on the online gaming industry.

Asiasoft Online announces the official launch of Justice content update. It is a much anticipated patch featuring two new classes ZEN and Phantom, which is a major revamp to the Thief and Pirate classes as well as a new quest to liberate a new world called Azwan.

The key features that gamers can look forward to in the Justice content update:
l  31st October 2012
Ø  Launch of ZEN Class - a pirate based class who has a mission to avenge his father
Ø  Part Time Job System - a system that will reap more benefits for gamers even when they are offline

Ø  Character Card System - a system that enhances the characters' statistics for better performance within the game.
Ø  Class Revamps
 Major Thief and Pirate Revamps
Minor revamps for other jobs in the Legends, Explorer and Resistance Classes.

l  14th November 2012
Ø  Launch of Phantom Class - a thief based class who is on a journey to seek revenge for his beloved.
l  5th December 2012
Ø  Azwan Liberation (Party Quest)

  A town controlled by a Black Mage Commander, gamers will seek to liberate this town from the evil forces through the new party quest.
 Gamers will be handsomely rewarded upon each successful completion of the mission, while moving a step closer to liberate Azwan!


In conjunction with the launch of Justice, gamers can also look forward to exciting activities coming their way. Some of these activities include:
  Fun with Phantom: Thematic games such as quizzes and memory games
 ZEN King and Queen: The search for writing talents to showcase their love for MapleSEA through blogging

 Gathering their army to help with the challenging party quests by encouraging their friends to sign up and play MapleSEA
I was glad to be invited to the MapleSEA's Justice Media Preview...

The event was held at the High Café...

Four of us took some photos with the cutesy standees...


My all-time favorite character in MapleStory, Orange Mushroom.

The main characters in episode 3 - MapleSEA JUSTICE
We met some cos-players who were in the house too...

We had our welcome drinks...

We were given an introduction of the updated content of the latest episode - MapleSEA JUSTICE.

Everybody in the house (ourselves included) had a happy time together at the casual-cosy event...

The invited players indulged themselves in the latest episode, and I want to try it too...

During the session, we were the first few people who got to try out the new classes which were a long wait for MapleStory players, and we had fun using special powers to claim experiences in the story mode.

OM!! I got hooked by the cute avatars and of course the interactive story-modes and quests.

MapleStory may seem to be a girlish game which does not have extremely good graphics like other games out there, but I believe as a gamer, it is good to try out all kinds of games instead of only those that are in cool 3D graphics or high performance games. Like I always say, once a gamer, always a gamer...
We bag-ged home some lovable MapleSEA premiums, and YES, I brought back the orange shroom… Hahaha!!

I had a fun-filled evening at the MapleSEA JUSTICE gathering session... A big THANK YOU to Asiasoft Online and High Café for their kind hospitality.
For more information about the game or activities, please visit their website -

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