Tuesday, August 29, 2017

[3 minutes quick fix] Kay's Instant Fusilli

Kay’s is a home-grown brand that goes through strict safety checks by the Singapore Agri Food & Veterinary Authority (AVA), and it is Halal Certified. Kay's ensures that their pasta (Macaroni/Fusilli) aren't 'waxed', like some of the other instant noodles and pasta that are being sold in the market. This is to ensure that our health is protected! Kay’s brings in the finest food quality and eliminates any hassle in cooking, preparing, or even cleaning up on any mess after the meal! You can enjoy delicious cooked food within minutes!

After the successful launch of their Instant Macaroni, Kay’s introduced their latest product, Instant Fusilli which comes in 5 different flavors – Hot & Spicy, Soy Chicken, Black Pepper, Creamy Chicken and Spicy Chicken. 
The Kay’s Instant Fusilli is priced at SGD4.50/pkt with 3 individual packed servings. They are available in Sheng Siong, Prime Supermarkets and NTUC Fairprice.

Weekends, and especially Sundays are my 'official' lazy days to laze around at Baby's apartment! It is a joy to sometimes do absolutely nothing but to watch dramas! We are quite lazy to go out if we do not have any plans, and will normally stay at home to prepare hassle-free meals! Hence these pasta products are the perfect fix for lazy people like us! Haha!
Thanks Kay’s for the media drop, and the Instant pasta tastes delicious! We decided to try out the Instant Fusilli and as well as the Instant Macaroni.

We had the Black Pepper and Soy Chicken flavored Fusilli as well as the Chicken Macaroni to share between us. All I can say is that the 3 minutes required for the cooking was rather amazing when compared to the average cooking time of 8-12 minutes for regular pasta.
We added quite of a number of ingredients to our pasta. The pasta is definitely tasted nicer as compared to the soupy macaroni one would eat at the hawker centres. We love the Black Pepper Fusilli the best!

As a whole, I felt that it is a comfort food which is easy to prepare and to fill up my stomach on busy days. It is definitely a perfect meal fix for people who have a tight schedule to whip up a complete meal for the family. All you need is just 3 minutes of cooking, and you can add your favorite ingredients to go along with your pasta.
Oh yes, I almost forget to mention the price for the Instant Macaroni! They are retailing at SGD3.20/pkt with 3 individual packed servings. For more information, please visit www.3kays.com.sg

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