Friday, August 4, 2017

[random] JB/SG eats + Hari Raya Gathering Lunch

Last year, while exploring the inner parts of Mount Austin, me and baby discovered an eatery place that serves a delicious and tasty 'Chicken Pot!' I had enjoyed the experience, and recently I re-visited this eatery place again!

On hindsight, I realized we discovered this eatery because we were attracted to the large bright yellow signboard that was very prominent! Upon being seated, we ordered the signature Chicken Pot, and requested for the Small Version. This version is already good for 1-2 pax. The Chicken Pot consists of various cuts of fresh chicken meat that is cooked in a delicious black sauce with chillies, and it is served on a burner in a pot akin to the ubiquitous Steamboat. At the eatery, one can also order some additional ingredients to 'throw' into the chicken pot aka steamboat style, and we did just that by ordering Golden Mushrooms, Tang Hoon, Black Fungus, Tang Ou, and Luncheon Meat. I felt that the luncheon meat gave it an extra flavour! You can choose the level of spiciness for your chicken pot, and we chose the Mild Spicy version for our lunch The damage was RM62.

I was never a fan of Chendol, but happily enough I had the chance to try out one of the best Chendol ever during my previous trip to Penang, George Town. 'Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol' is a famous haunt for the popular dessert, and I recall having liked their version. This was back in 2015, and I had actually forgotten the taste. So imagine my surprise and happiness when I chanced upon their new outlet which they had recently opened at JB's Aeon Tebrau City! Amazingly, the taste was still yummy, and I really enjoyed re-acquainting myself with it! We also had Fruit Rojak as well, and the damage was RM20, which was inclusive of a cup of Milk Tea!

My colleague, Herni invited a group of us to her house for a Hari Raya Gathering Lunch. It was good to see Ellezenn again after she left our company in March this year. Thanks for the yummy home-cooked lunch and we had wonderful time chatting with one another. Catch up soon again, Ellezenn! 

I end my post with my random weekday dinner at House of Roasted Duck which is located at Bugis Village. Both Baby and I enjoyed our dinner very much! 

Lastly, check out my Japanese Scallop Rice Bento Dinner at Takashimaya Shopping Centre with Linda! This is my new love and I will bring my Baby to try it out soon! 

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