Friday, August 25, 2017

[Mizuno Ekiden 2017 - Team: 4-EVERSUKI] Race as 4, Run as 1

Last year, Baby and I took part in our first Mizuno Ekiden Race, running approximately 5.3km as the second and fourth runner respectively for our Team MESUGOI. This year, we returned to Mizuno Ekiden 2017 to participate in the 21.1km group race with another couple, Tracy and Yixiang. We called ourselves, Team 4-EVERSUKI!  

Mizuno Ekiden is a long distance relay race, and for this event, there were two categories of a 21.1KM run and a 42.195KM run for a group of 4 members. Ekiden is a long-held Japanese tradition, and this race is used to promote the importance of Japanese values such as teamwork and perseverance. Through this race, Japanese culture is promoted in Singapore! I love the Japanese value of having 4 people in a team and run as one, in order to complete the race! This required a great amount of teamwork and cohesion!
Mizuno Ekiden 2017 was held at The Promontory @ Marina Bay, and I met up with my team members at the Matsuri Race Village prior to our run. 



I drank up some of the energy jelly, Amino Vital by Ajinomoto, in order to give me the perfect energy boost to complete my race!

The race course was tougher, as compared to the last year's race! I was slowed down especially on the slope of the Helix Bridge, as well as the touristy Esplanade Bridge, near the Merlion. I felt that the race could have been more organized, especially at the Esplanade Bridge, as there were way too many tourists blocking the running paths.

Yixiang and Baby was the 3rd and 4th runner for our team (4-EVERSUKI). They sprinted throughout their entire course, in order to make up for the time we (Tracy and I) lost during our course. 
Baby was the last runner, and he collected all the finisher medals on behalf of the whole team upon crossing the finishing line. We were so happy to receive our hard-earned medals. We pieced up each medal, and it formed up to look like an ancient propitious knot! 
After the race, runners and the member of the public could treat themselves to a wide range of Japanese Food and Beverages such as Ramen, Takoyaki, Ice-cream and Japanese Beer. There were also various Japanese-themed activities to keep the runners occupied while they enjoyed the rest of the evening at the Mizuno Ekiden Matsuri Race Village. 

Like the race medal, it takes our combined efforts and teamwork to complete a 21.1km race. GOOD TEAMWORK, 4-EVERSUKI! 

If you are interested to join a relay race like this, do look out for the next edition of the Mizuno Ekiden. 

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