Thursday, August 17, 2017

[New Zealand] Agrodome + Lake Tarawera + Waikite Spa Valley

New Zealand is famous for its sheep, so Baby insisted on visiting a 'Show' - farm during our visit in Rotorua. We therefore drove to the Agrodome after we had our breakfast!

This attraction gives international tourist to New Zealand an extraordinary, real hands-on live experience to farming. The main focal attraction of the place is to allow for an interesting interactive experience with the farm animals, such as sheep, lambs, cows, dogs, and even Alpacas!

Baby picked up the tickets at the counter by providing a printout, as he had ordered the tickets online prior to our arrival in NZ. I watched the shearing demonstration and the stage Farm show, which was super entertaining!

I was especially surprised by the size of the largest sheep in the world, the Merino! The Agrodome's mascot in fact, is a Merino Sheep, and the place aptly named the Merino they have 'PRINCE'! The sheep is huge, and the pictures will give you a good idea just how large they are! The sheep is ridiculously large, but is so cute, especially with the wool covering the eyes!

Once the show concluded, the audience were very welcome to come up on stage to mingle with the sheep and the dogs to take photos But I was a bit annoyed that certain tourists took advantage of this by TRYING TO SIT ON THE MERINO. Luckily, the staff was very firm and gave these tourists a good scolding. Terrible!

Once the show concluded, the audience were welcome to be up on stage to give a pat and interacted with the sheep dogs. 

Next, we joined the Tractor-pull Farm Tour for a tour around the working farm! We stopped by to feed the sheep and alpacas. I loved it so much as I got to be as close as possible to the animals. What an experience! 



The tour concluded with a tasting of Kiwi drink and some local honey! 

I really loved my visit to the Agrodome! This is a wonderful place for families and young children. Do not give it a miss if you are visiting Rotorua!
After we left the premises, we next headed to visit some scenic places near to Rotorua. In thus case, the famous Blue and Green Lakes. 




 We did a small hike-up to see the Blue Lake. We love nature! Nothing beats doing something we both enjoyed! 



We ended our night by pampering ourselves with a spa treat! Baby actually drove us about an hour just to arrive at the Waikite Thermal Thermal pool Spa! We had an enjoyable time at the spa valley! 



In my next post, I will touch on my last attraction in Rotorua and some places during my drive up to Lake Taupo! 

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