Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Preview Screening of MEOW + Ramen Revolution 2017

I was excited about the Ramen Revolution 2017 event that was being held at the Resorts World Sentosa (RWS), and I persuaded my Baby to head down to the event to sample some piping hot delicious Ramen!

There were 10 Ramen brands to choose from at the event, and I loved the idea of Japan's renowned Ramen show being held in Singapore! Ramen Revolution 2017 is the first proper Ramen festival in Singapore. How lucky it is to experience this event without having to travel all the way to Japan!

Thanks to Canon, I was lucky and won myself a SGD10 Voucher through their 'Spin & Win' Game, which allowed me to share another bowl of ramen goodness with baby for free! I had a few bites and baby finished the rest. We were very happy with our tummies filled with hot, delicious ramen by the end of the event!
Being a ramen lover myself, I enjoyed this event very much!  

Thanks to 'Nuyou' Magazine for providing me with tickets to watch the preview screening of 'Meow'. It is a wacky family comedy cum sci-fi fantasy flick, and I think this genre of film is pretty rare in Hong Kong's film industry.
'Pudding' is the name of an alien warrior who comes from the Planet Meow, and journeys to earth to ensure his own planet's survival. However, he loses his secret weapon on his way to earth, and in order to survive, he adopts the guise of an orange tabby cat similar to the famed American cat 'Garfield'. He soon becomes the pet of former Soccer Star-turned-failed businessman, Go-Lee Wu (Played by Louis Koo). His family names the cat 'Xi Xili', and the cat/alien soon learns the value of family bonding after spending time with them. He forgets about his Mission to Earth!
There isn't much originality in this film, as I saw certain aspects being emulated from other comedic/sci-fi films think 'Men in Black'. However, 'Meow' represents a big achievement in the Chinese cinema industry for their CGI work behind the movie. I did feel a tinge of regret in seeing Louis Koo acting in such a flick, as he is normally suited to more suave or heroic roles on the big screen.

While this movie may not really be good enough to be a family classic, it is at least able to bring laughter out of children who will enjoy this film. Do catch this movie at a cinema near you! 

Lastly, I end my post with my Sunday brunch at Peach Garden, Orchid Country Club. 

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