Thursday, August 3, 2017

[random] CANMAKE X MakeupPlus App + Vichy Dermablend Make-up Workshop + King's Laksa Steamboat

Recently, CANMAKE.SG contacted me to share about a new Beauty App on Instagram. Without much hesitation, I downloaded the CANMAKE X MakeupPlus App to my mobile.

I used the CANMAKE filter to take various selfie, and it looked amazingly good after the filtering!

As a token of appreciation, CANMAKE sent me a 'Stay On Balm Rouge Tint' (Product number T01) from their Summer Tinted Series! Thanks for the gift and this collaboration is great!

On a random Sunday, Baby and I drove to Aeon Tebrau City for some shopping again, and we had some yummy Portuguese egg tarts at Macau Express! 

I picked up an off-shoulder top from Kitschen, which cost me RM39! 

I was happy to receive an invitation to attend the Vichy Dermablend Make-up Workshop which was held at L'Oréal's office at One George Street. During the event, there was a presentation on how to take care of acne skin with their products from 'La Roche-Posay' , as well as a make-up demo on using Vichy's latest Dermablend series. 

We were given a hands-on session to try out the Dermablend 3D Correction Foundation and Concealer Stick. 

We were given a goody bag for attending this workshop! 

Meryl and Linda joined RKM for a dinner gathering at King's Laksa Steamboat which is fairly near to NEX. We enjoyed our steamboat dinner very much, and nothing beats having good friends around in life! 
I end my post with a weekday dinner at Saizeriya Restaurant which is located at Aperia Mall. As usual, Baby had his favorite Soup Pasta Asari, while I had the Chicken Stew and half a dozen of Oven Grilled Escargots. The damage was less than SGD30 for 5 food items, and it was definitely value for money for the amount of food we ordered! 
Lastly, I had my dinner at Fuman Seafood Zichar which is located at the 7 Stars Coffeeshop, Woodlands with Auntie Vi and Baby, and it turned out to be an utter disappointment, as we have better ones!  The Claypot Tofu was rather bland, and the '3 Egg spinach' dish was a bit too goopy and slimy for my liking.


Sherry Saw said...

love the pics and you are lovely

Jessie said...

Thanks ya!

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