Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The launch of Party Popper Singapore

Celebrate any occasion with a bang with these party poppers, and get pumped with the mood to party with these colored paper/streamers and confetti in the air! These party poppers are perfect for milestone events and special occasions! Recently, many Singaporeans started to open up to using party poppers as part of their celebrations, An example I know, many of my friends used party poppers and confetti cannons for their Wedding March down the aisle, which created a beautiful night for the blissful duo with a bang!

Recently, I was introduced to Party Popper Singapore, and they are the ONLY specialist company for party poppers in Singapore. They offer the widest range of party poppers at the most affordable prices. With the extensive selections, there will definitely be a type of party popper that you are looking out for or to suit your needs!
Apart from the usual party poppers, they also offer special customisation of party popper packings for wedding favors, corporate events and company brandings. 

I was honored to be invited to the launch of Party Popper Singapore which was held at the Backstage Café! We took many random photos of the different types of party poppers which were displayed during the event. 
Before the Lion and Dragon Dance performance commenced, the founder of Party Popper Singapore, Mr Marcus Poh gave us an opening speech as well as a quick background on the humble beginnings of Party Popper Singapore. 




The Lion and Dragon Dance performance was awesome, and I enjoyed it very much! We took a group photo together with the team of lion/dragon dance performers, and we decided to end the performance with a Big Bang by using the Shiny Metallic Golden Long Streamers for our photo shoot! These auspicious golden streamers are for prosperity and wealth!  

Among all the party poppers, I love the Dollar Party Cannon best, which generates a good launch of USD100 bills (Note: fake!) falling from the sky! 
We took many random photos at the launch event, and I got to meet up with some long-time friends which I've not met in a while, such as Samuel, Cookie and Siti. It was good to see them again, and I made use of this opportunity to catch up with them. 

Thanks for the buffet lunch spread and the unlimited party poppers experience! We had so much fun helping ourselves to the servings of the party poppers! Lastly, thanks once again to Party Popper Singapore for the generous invite and it was such an eye opener event as I experienced so many different types of party poppers! 
Party Popper Singapore's philosophy: Your happiness is our business! Celebrate life!
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