Tuesday, August 1, 2017

[kansai region] A visit to Kobe + Back to Osaka

My trip to Kobe was the climax of my entire trip to the Kansai region in Japan! We made use of our JR passes to take 30minutes JR special rapid train service to Kobe.

Upon reaching Kobe, we had our lunch at Sukiya which is located at Sannomiya. I love the Gyudon (beef bowl) very much.

Kobe City is renowned for their amazing beef, and you can't leave Japan without getting a taste of Kobe Beef. Well I Guess the only way one can be assured of getting legit Kobe Beef is to eat at Kobe itself!


There is a famous Chinatown in Kobe, and you can get yummy pork buns there. Unfortunately, I was too preoccupied in Pokémon Go, trying to catch a specific Pokémon called Farfetch'd that can only be found in Japan. I managed to catch 2, how lucky! But having said that, Baby did buy the pork bun WHICH HE FINISHED himself without offering me any. So angry with him!! Luckily he got me some in Osaka instead, which I confirm was very good!


I highly recommended visiting Kobe even though it is a port city. The beautiful scenery makes up for the trip down from Osaka or Kyoto! I love the seaside city of Kobe!

 I took quite of numbers of random photos at the Port of Kobe! 

I went to the Rilakkuma Store, which is located at the Port of Kobe. I picked up some items there too. 

Kobe is an excellent place for shopping and we went to Sannomiya Shopping Street which is near to the Sannomiya Station. At about 550m long, it is a shopping arcade which can rival Osaka's Shinsaibashi. While we were doing our shopping, we had some Kobe Beef Pastry.

We settled at Kobe Dining for dinner before heading back to Osaka. Naturally we ordered delicious Kobe Beef!

As our flight was at night around 11 plus, we had a whole day in Osaka literally to do our last minute shopping. We went to Namba Walk which is just 5-minute's walk away from my hotel, and I picked up some of my favorite Japanese skincare, cosmetics and hair products. I got some chokers too! 

We had lunch at one of the eateries located at Namba Walk, and I finally had my cold soba for lunch! 

After the meal, we did some more shopping at Sennichimae Doguyasuji shopping Street, and found a gem store that sells hair accessories, key rings and earrings which are associated with Japanese food items such as sushi, tempura, okonomiyaki, takoyaki and even origiri. The price was pretty hefty too! 

We had our dinner before leaving Osaka, and Baby wanted to have authentic Ramen before departing Japan. Hence we tried 'Ramen Gatton' which was located behind our hotel. After our meal, we collected our luggage from the hotel and rolled them to Nankai Namba Station. Since the station was in close proximity to us, it took us less than 5 minutes to get there! We purchased our return-back rapid tickets to Kansai Airport, a journey which would only take about 30 minutes.
I have come to my final post of my Japan Kansai region trip. Thanks so much for reading up my travel experience. Time really flies, as it has been half a year since I returned from Osaka and other cities within the Kansai region. I still find myself missing Japan very much, but I take comfort in that we shall meet again soon! 

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