Wednesday, August 23, 2017

[OISHII] Ocean & Terre Food Gift Box

I got to review the food gift box from Ocean & Terre all thanks to OISHII, an informative magazine from Singapore that brings Japanese cuisine and culture to the world. The magazine features insightful articles that touch on every season in Japan, and is a free publication that is available in hard and soft copy versions.

The Ocean & Terre food box contains the most authentic and traditional products from Japan. It is worth SGD15, and the quality of the items were really good. Every product is made of super premium ingredients. The box has a good mix of ready-to-eat items and other ingredients to incorporate into our own dishes. 

That the Japanese adores their sweets is a huge understatement! Every sweet snack from Japan is well produced and tastes delicious!


The Mini Baumkuchen comes in three flavors, and I liked the 'MANGO' flavour the best! Although it is a tradition pastry of many European countries, it is also a popular snack/dessert in Japan.

Okinawa Danish Mango Pastry was baked in a shape of a cube, and I loved the fluffy texture very much! 

I prepared a bowl of Pink Udon by using the Udon Soup Powder, and it tasted delicious. I savored every bit of it, and it was a perfect lazy Sunday lunch for me! 

In the box, there were 3 different flavored instant soups from Hokkaido - Asparagus, Pumpkin and Potato. I love the Pumpkin Soup the best! To be honest, the quality was so good that I couldn't tell if it was actually from a pre-prepared pack of soup!

Lastly, the Dashi Chazuke Mix came in 2 different flavors - Japanese Apricot and Red Salmon. Just a short introduction about Chazuke: It is a simple Japanese dish by pouring green tea, dashi or hot water over cooked rice. 

I prepared the Red Salmon Ochazuke for myself, and it tasted fabulous. Sometimes, I really wonder how a simple prepared meal can taste so good! This is exactly why I love Japan so much! 

I enjoyed the food gift box on a whole, as every food item was packed exquisitely. I want to thank OISHII once again for giving me the experience to try out this lovely Ocean & Terre food Gift Box. 

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