CNY Celebrations 2021 - Year of Ox

Lunar New Year is celebrated widely by the Chinese all over the world, as it marks a fresh annual start! This is even so for most Asian cultures as well. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the celebration which traditionally brings families together in large groups will have to be different due to government regulations.


The government has tightened Covid-19 safety rules when going to 'bai nian'. We will need to incorporate social distancing and keep visiting to a limited amount of households. In short, this year will be a quieter than usual Chinese New Year as compared to past years. Family gatherings have to be kept to a minimum to curb the spread of Covid-19.


Normally, Baby and I will travel to KL to visit Daddy Mike and catch up with our relatives in Malaysia during the CNY period. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has ruined all these usual plans as borders still remain closed.


Nevertheless, we can take comfort in the fact that we are able to carry on with most of our festivities still. This year, I had my simple reunion dinner at home instead of eating out with Mum V, Baby Hubby, Bro Kenneth and his wifey.


Happy Lunar New Year! My LOTD of the day…

I picked up a floral off-shoulder blouse from Shop Gossips for the 1st Day of CNY! My OOTD!

My parents decided not to do any house visiting this year, and therefore we kept the CNY celebration within just our family. We had already gotten used to the restrictions as it had already been on going for more than a year.


I spent my CNY DAY 1 at my parent’s place, and Baby became the 'Sofa' for both HayBoy and KaeGirl. Apparently they are super fans of him!

Even though there are these necessary safeguards to protect us during the pandemic, I am quite thankful that we are still given the chance to catch up with our immediate families and closest friends!

 As usual, I met up with the Lee family and Meryl on CNY DAY 2 to explore the newly renovated Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC). I enjoyed their permanent exhibit gallery - 'Through the Lens of Time' very much, as it was pretty well done and quite informative!

Meryl and I were quite intrigued by one of the exhibits - 1983’s Cable Car Tragedy. There is a 3D mock-up display showing one of the cable cars dropping into the sea, but we took a normal photo instead of doing a creativity shot!

We also played the in-house game (MOO-Lah Hunt) to win some premiums, which included red packets from the SDC. The game was so engaging and all of us loved it!

We had our dinner at their brand-new dining eatery place - Wild Thyme Café which is located at the Singapore Discovery Centre. It is a nice hangout place for family and friends where diners can indulge in a wide selection of cuisines such as Western, Asian and even local favorites!

We ended our day at the SDC with some photos taken against the logo outside the entrance.

After our dinner, we went to Pang Sua Pond which is located at Bukit Panjang for a night's stroll with beautifully decorated CNY lights! It is the second-largest man-made floating wetland attraction in the heartlands that offers nature breath-taking scenery.

The place was illuminated with bright lights which were very beautiful, and we couldn't resist taking photos of the place!

Even though we couldn't celebrate Chinese New Year like how we normally did in previous years, it is still important to take the time to make memories with your loved ones and friends!

This place is a hidden gem in Bukit Panjang’s neighbourhood indeed!

Meryl joined RKM for some drinking session after parting with the Lee Family. We went to 'Sixteen Ounces Crafty Beer Bistro' which is located at The Rail Mall. We ordered a half pint of beer each. We spent quality time together! I am glad that we crossed paths 7 years ago!

Cheers to a better year ahead! ‘Niu’ Year, ‘Niu’ Goals


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