[Staycation] 3D2N at Marina Bay Sands Hotel

I'll finally be sharing on my MBS staycation experience! I was really surprised to receive this staycation because I've never stayed here before. Of course,  the one thing I really wanted to do was visit the Infinity Pool!

 This MBS staycation was free thanks to Baby's club membership perk which entitled us to a free room. We were really excited to go on this free staycation at one of Singapore's most famous hotels, and we took it to as our Valentine’s Day celebration!

 We were surprised to be able to secure our 3D2N stay on a weekend (Fri-Sun). This complimentary stay did not come with any meals at all. Basically it was just the room, but by being a guest at the hotel, we are able to enjoy the facilities such as the SkyPark, Infinity Pool and the Banyan Tree Fitness Centre.

 Baby took a day's leave from his work to check in to the hotel, and our room allocation was at Lobby Tower 3. According to him, the hotel was really packed and there were at least 11 people in front of him waiting to check in! I joined him after I ended my work at 6pm. 

Amazingly, we got a free upgrade without any additional surcharge, and our room was located on Level 42 with a City View. Needless to say, the view was truly gorgeous and amazing! 

The room was rather spacious, and there was a mini-bar with all the items being complimentary for the guests. There was also a Nespresso machine for our coffee fix in the morning while the tea bags and titbits were in the drawer for our indulgence.

In the bathroom, I found that the toiletries offered were from Roberto Cavalli, and the towels, bathrobes were wrapped in plastic for hygiene purposes. 

Baby managed to book two slots for the Infinity Pool which is located at level 57 during our stay. We got a slot for Friday at 7-8pm and 6-7pm on Saturday to see the sunset! I have to tell you that I was blown away by how gorgeous the MBS Infinity Pool is. It was even more than what I was expecting!

Our expectations were high, but the Marina Bay Sands Infinity pool still exceeded my wildest fantasies! At 150-metres in length, it's the world’s largest infinity pool, and the view from the 57th floor was beyond breath-taking. It has a truly phenomenal view of the city skyline! 

The pool can only be accessed by hotel guests. The hotel room key cards (one key card per person) must be scanned when entering and exiting the pool area which means it'll be difficult to bring in visitors. We were also assigned to a specific area of the pool due to social distancing and the guests were told to keep a distance from one another.

Many of us might roll our eyes when we see people posting selfies of themselves at the Infinity pool on Instagram. I guarantee that when you are in the infinity pool, you’ll follow suit! BOTH BABY AND I DID! We took many selfies and wefies there! OMG! #typicaltourists

Besides the pool, there were also a few Jacuzzis, which we were lucky to try it. It was awesome! However, each guest was given a 15 minute limit.... Oh well, I guess to be fair to all guests!

After our allocated 1 hour was up, a lifeguard blew a whistle and everyone was told to vacate the area. I was pretty impressed because this was literally the first hotel I stayed at that took social distancing seriously. When I stayed at other hotels during phase 3 of the Covid period, no one really kept track of how long the guests stayed in the pool! 

Since we needed to take care of all our meals ourselves, we decided to head down to MBS Shoppes and settled for our dinner at Putien. Everything was good and we earned our points for our privilege card through dining at Marina Bay Sands.

Live life to the fullest, as we only live once! Having an afternoon tea is the only way to feel fancy without getting our stomachs too full. Therefore, we had an indulgent high tea affair at Renku Bar and Lounge which is located within the hotel lobby of Tower 1. It offers a spread of finger sandwiches which varies daily.

I like their tea concept which I found it to be pretty unique. They have a wide selection of tea blends by ETTE Tea, except for two unique tea blends which is exclusive to Marina Bay Sands.

Baby went for the 'Marina Pearls', which is one of the two tea blends exclusive to Marina Bay Sands. If you like floral light teas, then this tea suits you perfectly. I tried the other exquisite tea blend, 'Durian Lapis' which is also only exclusive to Marina Bay Sands. To my surprise, it tasted pretty good. 

At Renku, guests are allowed to change their tea selection whenever they wish to. In total, we tried 6 different types of tea during our high tea session. Among all, I love the Masala Chai the best, while Baby likes the ‘Nasi Lemak’ Tea.

Here comes the goodies trolley! You can have multiple servings of your favorite items.

No high tea set or buffet is ever complete without scones! Renku nails it well, as their scones are so delicious. Warm and fluffy, these golden pastries come with a crispy, glazed top layer. Each bite of the buttery scone melted nicely in my mouth. 

The scones were served with clotted cream, strawberry jam and the restaurant’s special orange butter, and these scones are truly the ultimate teatime treat.

Check out the quaint miniature confectionaries that had a CNY theme! From fire crackers, Chinese lion dance and even gold bars! They certainly got my attention!!

We were spoiled for choice with sweets that included Japanese Mochi that were shaped into adorable creations like mini watermelons and cherries. They tasted pretty good, and each Mochi was filled with yam and red bean respectively. The Macarons were tiny and very nice too. 

This meal was on me, and the damage was SGD90-ish after a 20% discount from Baby's MBS membership.  

On our final day at the hotel, we had our brunch in the room before checking out. We got some gourmet sandwiches from Origin + Bloom Café which is located at Tower 3 of the hotel lobby of Marina Bay Sands.

 Baby had the Shoyu Egg Sandwich! The generous serving of egg mayo plus the onsen eggs really made his day! I had the Pulled Pork Sandwich, and it tasted terrific! 

Sadly, good things come to an end. Thanks for the kind hospitality rendered for our 3D2N stay at MBS Hotel. We were given a late check-out and we truly had a wonderful staycation!

Despite the Covid Pandemic situation and the high occupancy of guests, I had a great MBS staycation and found that the staff was efficient and prompt. Everything at the MBS Hotel was beautiful and luxurious, and I loved experiencing a slice of the high life! Marina Bay Sands definitely lives up to its name and both Baby and I would want to come back for another staycation even if we had to pay for it! 

Being a supportive and lovely wifey, I picked up a ring from Gucci for my Baby as his Valentine’s Day gift! See below for the unboxing video! 

Relationships are about giving and taking! This year marks our 13th celebration of being together, and you will always have my shoulder to lean on and a bear hug when you are feeling down. <3


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