[TRY & REVIEW] FairPrice Household Products

I was happy to have been selected by 'Try and Review' to do a series of product reviews of various ‘FairPrice House-brand Food Essentials'. I am delighted to embark on a try-out journey with our homegrown brand!

Little KaeGirl received them on my behalf from the delivery man. Thanks 'Try and Review' for the arrangement!

The FairPrice Full Cream Fresh Milk is made from 100% fresh Australian milk, and it is an ideal nutritious drink for everyone at all times of the day. I love the aromatic creamy scent with excellent taste of the milk, and of course not forgetting the nutritional benefits!

The FairPrice Full Cream Fresh Milk provides protein and calcium which is essential for our bodies, and the UHT tetra pack is convenient for consumption anytime and anywhere! 

A good breakfast is a perfect way to have a start to a good day! 

I love my toast, especially when it has a good swab of creamy and chunky FairPrice Peanut Butter on it! It is one of the better peanut butters available, as it has a perfect balance of creamy, nutty and a little hint of a salty taste! It is definitely a childhood classic!

Recently, I just started to use FairPrice’s Powder Detergent with Low Suds and the clothes came out clean, bright, and fresh! I love the low suds formulation as it is gentle on the fabric and drum machine, allowing for easy rinsing, and leaving no residue after wash!

It eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and removes 99.9% of mite/dust and protects my family from common allergies caused by these mite/dust. It is suitable for indoor drying and works well for top and front load washing machines! 

Thanks for sending the products over and for the wonderful try-out. I do hope you guys enjoy my personal review/experience and hope they will help to give you some better understanding about the products!


This rabbit cup looks so cute!

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