[Happy Anniversary] Dinner at Uya 四代目菊川

After our fabulous dinner at Spago at the SkyPark, Marine Bay Sand Hotels which Baby had planned for me, I decided to bring him for another round of celebration as a way of saying thanks! I made a quick reservation to dine at Uya Unagi Singapore Restaurant (Uya 四代目菊川) which is located at Wheelock Place. We had passed by this place once and it caught our eye, so we decided to pay this place a visit. 

During our trip in 2019 to Narita, Tokyo, we witnessed the eels ‘being slit alive as an ultimate proof of freshness' while passing by a famous Unagi eatery place. Baby actually video-ed the process as it was open to public viewing! Back then, we wanted to try eating at the place but we were disappointed when we heard that there was a 3 hour wait for a table! Hence, this is why when we chanced upon Uya Unagi in Singapore which offers the same 'Live Unagi Dining' concept, we KIV'ed it for dining!

Upon entering the premises, a strong zen atmosphere came to my mind, as this restaurant incorporates a traditional Japanese restaurant design with a contemporary touch.

The Hitsumabushi style of serving eel is the restaurant's signature way, which provides for three or more ways to consume the Unagi. We decided to give it a go on trying out the Signature Hitsumabushi. I ordered a large Hitsumabushi at SGD48 for Baby, while I had the medium-sized at SGD35.

My medium-sized Hitsumabushi – chopped up eel served with condiments, broth, soup and pickles. I finally tasted the quality of a freshly grilled eel! - It is dry and firm in texture.

 For the Hitsumabushi (large), it looked like a whole eel had been used to make this and the presentation was impressive.

There are three ways of eating Hitsumabushi as described in the menu. You can eat it plain, add the condiments that were provided, or make Ochazuke with Dashi broth! I found that I loved to eat it plain, while Baby quite enjoyed making Ochazuke! I love to eat it plain while Baby loves to make Ochazuke with the dash broth.

Lastly, we added Oyster Tempura (3 pcs - SGD12) for sharing. Each Oyster Tempura is wrapped with a Shiso Leaf and is accompanied with a condiment of salt. I didn't really enjoy the Oyster as much as I did for the Unagi. I'll probably give it a miss when I re-visit Uya again.


We are glad that we finally able to try the premium unagi. Oh well, the enjoyment of premium unagi comes with a price tag. The damage for two was SGD116-ish. I will still be back again despite of its hefty price tag, as it is compensated by the quality grilled unagi which lives up to my expectations!

After dinner, we left Orchard, and headed down to Chip Bee Gardens for a ice-cream fix! We settled at The Daily Scoop, and we shared a waffle with a single scoop of my favorite flavor - Minty Mint with Chocolates Chip.

I went to Tiffany & Co to clean my jewellery for the upcoming CNY. Most of my charms and pendants are listed under vintage as the designs had been discontinued.

This TIFFANY & CO Scottie Terrier Dog Charm/Pendant was a gift from Baby way back in 2012, and now, he gave it new life by getting an accompanying chain from TIFFANY & CO, so that I could wear it as a necklace! Thanks Baby! 


I am big fan of tempura.

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