I love weekends - Starbucks + Mui Kee Congee + BLooiE's Roadhouse

Happy weekends! 

Baby sent me to Orchard for my facial appointment, and we had some light bites at Starbucks before my facial treatment.

After my facial at International Building, we walked over to Shaw Centre for our late lunch at Mui Kee Congee on a random Saturday afternoon. This eatery place originates from Hong Kong, Mongkok and it has been receiving a lot of good reviews by diners all over the world. 

We ordered a bowl of plain congee along with a bowl of crispy fried fritters (You Tiao). The serving of the congee is generous enough to serve 2-3 people. What makes the congee stand out at Mui Kee Congee is that there is actually a hint of 'wok hei' in the porridge which makes it taste great!

The Beef Brisket was the highlight of our meal, as both of us really enjoyed the generous portions of the beef meat/tenderloin and each piece of meat tasted awesomely good and tender. 

Mui Kee Congee is definitely worth a try if you want to experience porridge with 'wok hei'. Aside from the porridge and beef brisket, we had the fish cake too! The Pan-Fried Fish Cake tasted pretty good!

The whole eatery place has strong Cantonese/Hong Kong vibes, and the service here was fairly efficient. It is definitely a blessing, as we didn’t receive any of the notorious HKG service that one might expect in Hong Kong!!

I love Saturday! We went to 'BLooiE's Roadhouse’, a bar which we used to visit during our dating/pak-tor days (courtship) days way back in 2008, and it is located at The Rail Mall. 

We ordered our drinks, and we shared a Hawaiian Pizza, as well as a plate of Taiwanese Salt & Pepper Chicken as an accompanying snack. We love spending quality time with each other during weekends!

I end my post with some lovely masks from Korea. Thanks Mr MK for the sweet gestures! 


I like Starucks but i prefer tea.

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