Thursday, July 9, 2015

[all about makan] Char Restaurant + Sumire Yakitore House

Auntie Shelley and Vi-Vien came down to Singapore, and both Baby and I were their host for the night!
We brought them for dinner at Char Restaurant which is located at Guillemard Road, mainly because we miss their signature Triple Roast Platter very much.
We selected the choice of Charred BBQ Pork (Char Siew), Crispy Pork Belly (Sio Bak) and Roasted Duck.As usual, I love the char siew as it was well-grilled but the standard of pork belly seemed to drop slightly as compared to my previous 2 visits last year. Their Roasted Duck was not my cup of tea at all since my first visit to the Restaurant.
We enjoyed the Minced Meat with Aubergine in Casserole and it tasted as good as before. It went well with our white rice.
We had some greenies (stir-fried kai lan with garlic) and Soup of the Day (Spare Ribs with Bittergroud).
We had a delightful dinner and chilling session together at Char Restaurant.

We ended our dinner session with some unique house bottled beers imported from UK. We love the bottle label and we took random selfies with them!
TGIF! Baby and I re-visited Sumire Yakitore House at Icon Village. We prefer this outlet to the one in Bugis Junction mainly because of the lesser crowds!
We ordered some Sapporo Beer as they were going for SGD5 per mug because of the Happy Hour promotion. 
We started off with a bowl of complimentary cabbage which is served with Shiodare Japanese Salt Dressing. We ordered the Yari Ika Teriyaki and it cost more than we previously paid. Oh well, it still tasted good as before so we didn't mind paying the additional difference.
We tried the new entree from the menu, Tori Menchi Katsu. OMG! It tasted awesome and we ordered 2 servings.

I love the Tomato Bacon very much and I had 2 servings all to myself.
Momo (Shio) and Momo (Tare)
Nasu Niku Miso
Here come our favorite Tsukune Tare and we ordered the 'Men' and 'Ladies' version.

I love Fridays, as it is the last working day of the week and a day to welcome weekends. Lovely dinner and the damage was SGD96-ish.

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