Friday, July 3, 2015

[Jess Baby's corner] Ajisai Japanese Restaurant - JB's eats + random happenings

Sunday was JB's day out for RKM! Everybody knows that our exchange rate against MYR (ringgit) is very pleasant lately, and this gives us a good excuse to spend our weekend there. Baby and I went to Tesco, Tebrau to stock up on our daily necessities and household products.

My LOTD with my new hair accessories from Lovisa. It gave myself a bohemian look for the weekend which I loved!

Before heading back to Singapore, we had an early dinner in order to beat the jam. We settled at Ajisai Japanese Restaurant which is located along Taman Pelangi. This eatery place is just next to Rosmarino which is the Italian restaurant where Baby celebrated his birthday in 2013. 

We ordered Salmon Mango Rolls as our sharing side. 

I had Tempura Soba and Baby ordered the Kimchi Nabe with white rice for himself. We had a pleasant dinner, and the total damage was about RM79.50.

I picked up some false eyelashes and a lip color (Matte Rose) from IN2IT. The pigment was good, color looked trendy and most importantly it was very affordable at only RM10.50!

On a random Saturday, the 4 of us (Meryl, Joanne, Jasmine and Yours Truly) met up for a Sloggi event, and we spotted a 'SAVE THE OCEAN' truck by RWS. We played some games and took some random wefies together! I love hanging out with them, as they are fun-loving!  

I won a shopping voucher worth SGD250 from ecco all thanks to nuyou magazine! I picked up a pair of leather brown loafers which are perfect kicks for travelling as ecco is known for their comfort-ness.

Time to pamper my hair! I picked up a bottle of hair treatment from Honeyce from Watsons. Hope to see positives results after usage!

 I end my post with a nice photo me, Chloe and Joanne, and this photo was taken during our lunch time at Suntec City.

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