Wednesday, July 22, 2015

[Jess Baby's Corner] Makan Buddies Meet-up + POCARI SWEAT RUN 2015 + online loot

After a half year hiatus, I finally met up with my ‘Makan Buddies’ in July. This time, our meet up venue was at Suntec City, and we decided to settle on Korean cuisine.  

We settled at Guksu Noodles House, and I MUST do a special shout-out for their Korean Fried Chicken, as it might be the only reason for us to come back for more!  
Each bite was amazingly good, and was 'Heaven Scent' (haha). The inside was moist and succulent ,while the exterior of the chicken was good and crispy. It tasted so nice that we kept increasing my orders, and ultimately we each had about 3 drumsticks. (Uber sinful, but who cares when it comes to good food!)

Apart from the Soy Fried Chicken, we also ordered the Pork Jeongol which is commonly known as 'Army Stew'. It is good to share among for 2-4 pax, which therefore made it a brilliant choice for us!

The damage was SGD98-ish and I look forward to our next gathering (hopefully to be fulfilled in August or at least early September.)

I went out with my lovely girlfriends on a Saturday night at the Pedestrian Night at Orchard Road. We took an iconic group picture under the 'ERP' Gantry.
I did my first run this year! I missed out on a couple of runs early this year due to my holiday trips, but however, I am very glad that I completed the POCARI SWEAT RUN 2015.  

 Thanks to the little/bubbly girl, Chloe, for being spontaneous when I 'jio-ed' her to run with me. All runners who finished the race within the cut-off time were given a finisher tee, as well as a medal to recognize the hard work and effort the runners put in!

I had a nice experience at the run as they were well-organized! My next run will be the DC Justice League Run which will take place on the 30th of August 2015.
Recently, I got addicted to online shopping, and I bought myself a pair of red loafers that cost SGD24. I am totally in love with the red loafers as red color is very trendy now!
I end my post with my random dinner at Kim Gary HK Restaurant, VivoCity

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