Friday, July 24, 2015

[enrichment course] Learning Hangeul

Learning a foreign language is one of my main interests, and about a decade ago, I started this hobby and picked up my first foreign language at Lingo Language School, whereby I completed a 3-month basic course in German. I might be little rusty but I can still write basic German and do very simple communication in German!

Most my friends know that I am working in a Korean company, and hearing all the Korean bosses speaking in their own language is very common occurrence at my office. Sad to say, I don't really understand a single thing they say despite watching a lot of Korean dramas!

Therefore, I am very happy that my company has decided to sponsor Korean language speaking lessons for the staffs, and I am rather lucky as well as delighted to be one of the first few selected to begin the 3-month elementary course!

Our lesson is conducted once every week, so I cannot go for any events or meet ups with my friends on my lesson day!

I'm quite glad that the materials for the course, such as the textbooks, workbooks and other studying materials for each lesson were provided by the school. Generally, Korean textbooks and workbooks are pricey, which normally start from a minimum price of SGD 40+. Hence, the Inlingua School of Language is a great school and are very thoughtful.

During my first lesson, we started on the basic on how to read and pronoun Hangeul (the Korean alphabet) properly.

Our Seon Saeng Nim (teacher) is a nice Korean lady and she is very patient with us. She speaks only Korean during class, English is only used when explaining the meaning of the Korean words.

So far, I have been attending about 4 lessons, which come to a month and with every lesson completed, It become harder the next round. Homework is also given to us after each lesson ends, and I spend my free time trying to revise back on what I have learnt each week.

  Reading more in order to understand the basic of Hangeul Consonants and Vowels is the bare minimum to mastering Korean!

Most of my notes and translations are written in this work file which also provided by the language school.

Learning Korean, or any other foreign language for that matter, is never easy, but it doesn't stop my interests in learning! I am hoping for a day when I can write and speak Korean fluently, and now I know I am one step closer to my goal!

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