Friday, July 10, 2015

[SAF DAY] Born a Hero - Dedicated to unsung heroes behind Singapore's defence

'Born a Hero' (BAH) is a ground-up project by Material World Singapore. This project was organized as part of the commemoration for the SAF's Anniversary (SAF50), and celebrated the unsung heroes behind Singapore's defence by telling us stories of ordinary women who have contributed to the success of the SAF in their own ways.

Through this project, ‘Born a Hero’, I saw firsthand the recognition of the efforts these women had contributed to the strength to the SAF and to the nation for the past 50 years.  

My friends and I attended the 'Born a Hero finale' which was held at Tang Plaza. It was sponsored by AXA Singapore.  

Delicious canapés was provided by The Providore.

Judy Kong (3rd person from the left), the SAF Volunteer left a deep impression on me during the BAH Panel Session.

Judy Kong volunteered to join the SWANS (Singapore Women's Auxiliary Naval Service) upon seeing an advertisement in the Straits Times. She was officially recruited in December in 1964 together with 20-odd other women from all walks of life.

During her training in SWANS, she was taught foot drills and marching commands. She learnt her seamanship skills such as swimming, whaler-pulling and sailing. Lastly, she was also trained infirst aid and fire fighting. She handled fire weapons that were used during World War II. She shared pride and joy in their success as a first world country, and till date, She still has fond memories of her training days.

Apart from the food and beverage, we were each given a SGD10 Tangs Voucher with no minimum purchase to be used during the event. 

Since everybody knows that I am tea lover, so I used it to get myself some gourmet tea. I picked up the exquisite tea (organic) - OOLONG MILK.

Thanks for the invite, and I was inspired by the extraordinary hard work given by ordinary women in Singapore.

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