Wednesday, July 29, 2015

[Anniversary] Fresh ‘Maskerade’ Party at Yarwood Avenue

Thanks Tracy for asking me along to attend the Fresh ‘Maskerade’ Party at the very green (full of fauna and trees!) and luxurious private residences at Yarwood Avenue (along Bukit Timah Road).

The private pool and its surroundings made me feel like I am on a getaway holiday in a villa.
This party was to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Fresh's signature Rose Face Mask. The whole area was decorated with pink roses, even on the welcome drink.
Nice masquerade masks were given to us upon arrival in order to get our moods for the ‘maskerade’ party started!
We started off our event with a mocktail making session, which was conducted in the kitchen. The session was taught by the good people from 'Mixes from Mars' and we learnt to make various mocktails by using common ingredients that can be found in 'Fresh's line of products.
Our first mocktail was Brown Sugar Citrus with Strawberries, and it tasted good and refreshing.  
The second mocktail, Golden Honey Elixir looked like a jug of milk! 'LOL!'. This drink contained Vanilla, Honey and fresh Milk. Lastly, this concoction was filled up with ice and biscuit sticks were added prior to serving!
The Blacktea fruitti Di Bosco was a pretty classy mocktail which was made up of blackberries, elderflowers and calamansi. We decorated our drinks with the given ingredients, and I hope it looked presentable.

The last mocktail by us was Rose Queen of Isparta and it tasted pretty good!

After the mocktails-making session, we moved on to our next session, a mini facial.  

Before I applied the Rose Face Mask on my face, I tried applying it on my hand first. I love the cooling sensation of the mask which has a distinctive rose scent.

After application, I felt my complexion was instantly brightened and my skin felt suppler! 

We received a fresh pink rose from Fresh Team! Thanks Fresh and Mixes from Mars for the fun-filled afternoon party.

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