Friday, July 17, 2015

[Media Call / Gala Opening Night] SINGIN' IN THE RAIN

After a sell-out season at London's West End in 2012, SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is now performing at the MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands! The musical play starts from now till 26th of July 2015!

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN was adapted from the classic movie of the same title, which starred Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds from the iconic 1952 MGM movie.
This spectacular musical production is packed full of the charm, romance, comedy and is one of the world's best-loved movies. It features all the songs from the glorious MGM score soundtrack, including hits such as  'Good Morning', 'Moses Supposes' and of course the classic, 'Singin' in the Rain'. 

SINGIN' IN THE RAIN is a real treat as the acting was played perfectly and the singing parts were pitch-perfect too. It is the most brilliant comedy about the film industry and I am impressed by the character, Lina Lamont as she provides the most laughter with her comically squeaky voice.

The iconic choreography is also flawlessly created with the help of lots of recycled water and is a sure that will delight the audience. I am told that about 14 tonnes of water are used for the scene, which is then  recycled back into a water tank. 
Although it is pretty hard to follow Gene Kelly's iconic footsteps but Duane Alexander bring out the role of Don Lockwood well as he sings with great feeling, and I love his charisma. The cast was excellent as a whole.

 I love seeing Don singing the memorable score, Singin' in the Rain while kicking the water playfully  to shower the audience!
The rain scene is everyone's favorite screen musical moment and is worth waiting for. It doesn't disappoint me!
At the end of the show, the cast turned the splashing into a game and this was an added bonus and surprise.
The musical brings together the glamour of USA;s 1920 Hollywood Era with a dose of comedy and romance. It is a highly energetic performance by the cast, who were happily singing their hearts out for the audience. Do support them and give them deserving applause. 

Thanks for the invite to the Media Call and as well as for the invite to the Gala Opening Night of SINGIN' IN THE RAIN. 

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