Wednesday, July 1, 2015

[Jess Baby's space] Yoga@Ubin + Sea Games Carnival

Ubin Day was organized by nature lovers to encourage Singaporeans to embrace one of the last few remaining kampungs in Singapore.

A group of friends and I took a day's trip to Pulau Ubin for the Yoga@Ubin session. To have a calm and relaxing yoga in comfort, while being of an island with a rich history is a nice retreat for all of us.

We met up at Changi Point Ferry Terminal and we registered ourselves before boarding the ferry to Pulau Ubin. We were given a goodies bag, yoga mat and an information booklet.

We boarded the old-fashioned looking boat which took us 15-20minutes to reach Pulau Ubin from mainland Singapore.

We took random wefies while on the boat!

The island is pretty quiet and this made a nice place for me to balance out my hectic urban city lifestyle. I love the unique rustic charm of Pulau Ubin and its laid-back kampung life.

Upon reaching, we took a mandatory group wefie in front of the signage 'Welcome to Pulau Ubin', and this picture marked the beginning of our yoga retreat in Ubin.

We went led by Ms Georgina Poh, and she taught us some basic yoga workouts. We followed her instructions and we felt safe doing yoga with her. She is friendly and she took care of us throughout the whole yoga session. She helped us when we had difficulties doing some yoga movements.

The continuous yoga movements left me feeling exhausted and I sweat a lot during the 1-hour session. After sweating, my body felt lighter and that it had been detoxified! Most importantly though, it helped to shed my fats away too! 

Although the movements were meant for beginners but it was still a significant challenge for me. I had a delightful workout at Pulau Ubin, and it was something new, unique and was generally a pleasant experience!

Looking forward to the Yoga@Ubin 2016 when it comes rolling along!

Finally, I made my way on the last weekend to the Sea Games Carnival. Singapore hosted this year's SEA Games for 11 countries throughout a period of 2 weeks, from the 05th of June 2015. After a 22-year of hiatus, this event also coincided with the SG50 celebrations of Singapore's Independence.

We took a group wefie in front of Nila, the mascot of 28th Sea Games! 

Do us proud, SG TEAM! We are glad that we are on the top 3 rankings in 28th Sea Games.

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