Saturday, July 25, 2015

[food review] New Brunch Menu at FYR CYCENE OND DRINC

Spend your weekends with your friends and family with mouth-watering European brunch offerings by FYR CYCENE OND DRINC (FYR).
FYR CYCENE OND DRINC (FYR) is also a great place to chill out at after work. At FYR, all food items are prepared with a Josper Wood Charcoal Oven and the chefs use Lychee Wood to infuse the dishes with a wonderful smokey note.

Located in the central district, the setting of the eatery place gives their patrons a rustic feeling upon entering, and there are many cute cartoons and murals on the wall to brighten up the mood!
Thanks Meryl for extending the invite to me for this unique brunch tasting event at FYR.
The weekend brunch menu features unique creations that are not commonly seen in other establishments.

We started off with some potato and yam chips! A great snack to nibble on before the food was ready.

The Grilled Squid (SGD12) which is tossed with turmeric, garlic, crispy onion and lime leaves was a great sharing side dish.
Yummy Skillet-roasted Escargot (SGD12) was served in a mini casserole together with toasted bread. The brown sauce tasted flavorful but salty at the same time, and therefore it is good to go with the bread to reduce the saltiness.
FYR also offers a fun and unique dining experience as they came out with a special Party Detox Basket (SGD10) with requisite ingredients to allow patrons to create their own version of Bloody Mary.

Baked Java Curry Chicken Ragout (SGD15) was very subtle> It had a herbs and spice flavor, and it tasted very well with the spring onion crepe, which itself looked/tasted like Naan.

I love the Baked Beef Hash with Spring Onion Crepe (SGD18) very much as it tasted flavorful. I simply couldn't stop myself from having more servings. 

Baked Blinis (SGD15) is a popular traditional dish in Europe. It is a thin pancake made of yeast butter which was served together with Grilled Salmon. A hearty meal to kick-start your day! 

For meat lovers out there, do try out their Grilled Steak & Eggs (SGD28). The steak was cooked to perfection. The glorious slab of meat is accompanied by toasted bread and a perfect sunny side up.

We rounded up our wonderful brunch tasting experiences with FYR's best-selling dessert, Baked Pistachio Melt & Pandan Ice-cream (SGD10).

Do take note that FYR Brunch Menu is only available on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 9am till 3.30pm.

I had a fun-filled tasting experience and I look forward to meet up the peers I got to know during the food tasting event soon!

19 Boon Tat Road
Singapore 069619
Tel: 62213703
Instagram hashtag: #FYRsg 

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