Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Heroine Make Eye Make-up Workshop

I have always been a fan of Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner and now they have newly reformulated with a brand new packaging. I love how it is smudge proof and longer lasting as compared to the previous version.

Thanks Meryl for joining me at the Heroine Make Eye Make-up Workshop which was held at The Hub. At the workshop, we were taught on how to draw and define lines that are suitable for our eye shapes. It was a good chance for us to learn how to personalise our eye makeup at the workshop.
There was a short presentation and demonstration from the experts before our hands-on session. We were given a task to complete within a time frame that was given, and it was to finish a complete eye make-up for your BFF. In short, a BFF challenge! 
It was definitely a big challenge and a new experience for us, and we had loads of fun along the way. I love the chemistry me and Meryl have, when we are together. Our task was successfully completed, and both of us were pretty pleased with the results done by each other. BFFS! 
Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner bears an ultra thin 0.01 brush applicator that allows the ease of application for the users to create different eye looks and shapes. I really love the fine and hair-like tip applicator of the Smooth Liquid Eyeliner as it gives a natural look. Additionally, it also helps to extend the eyeliner!
I am glad to have met Meryl through a food tasting event about a year ago. She is very caring and will never fail to get me some snack/bites whenever we are attending an event together, knowing that I might not have enough time to eat before arriving.
We received pretty instant prints at the event with the hashtag #myfavouriteeyeliner. Thanks for preparing and giving us these lovely goodies bags! We appreciate it very much.
I end my post with an OOTD shot that was taken outside the event venue.  

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