[DBS Paylah! X SCAPE Palooza] Going cashless with DBS Paylah!

The DBS Paylah! X-SCAPE Palooza event was Southeast Asia's first QR code payment-led bazaar, which featured 100 youth vendors setting up their booths at SCAPE Playscape over a period of three days from the 5th to 7th May/1-9pm. All vendors and customers at the bazaar were able to make and receive payments through DBS's PayLah!'s mobile app via QR code functions as a payment method!
I met up with my buddy Tracy after work and together we visited the bazaar. On the journey, I was pretty excited on the thought of making cashless payments for purchases! This was a pretty new experience for me, and to be honest, I'm not the type to try out new things! I can get quite sceptical and I find it hard to leave my comfort zone. However, I decided to give this event a try, and I downloaded the DBS PayLah! mobile app via the App Store to create an account for cashless shopping!
Southeast Asia's largest bank DBS seems to be on it's way to lead the drive for cashless payments, especially within Singapore with the introduction of the 'Smart Nation Ambassador Programme' (SNAP). This programme was created to encourage small merchants to adopt the DBS PayLah! App's QR codes as a form of payment mode.

I definitely feel that cashless payment using DBS PayLah!’s QR codes come with many benefits for both merchants and consumers compared to cash:
  • It is highly convenient: Consumers only need to use their DBS PayLah! App to scan a QR code to make payment, while merchants simply need to display their personalised QR code (generated by their DBS PayLah! App) to receive funds. There is no need to carry cash, plastic cards, or even queue up for cash withdrawals
  • Barriers to entry are very low: Both consumers & merchants only need a Singapore bank account to send or receive funds via DBS PayLah!’s QR codes – at no cost 
  • Transaction tracking: Merchants and consumers are able to track their transactions automatically
  • Security: If your mobile is stolen, DBS PayLah! can be blocked remotely – unlike cash. DBS PayLah! is also password-protected or secured using biometric ID.
I was glad to see many vendors were from the Artbox event, as I was away on an Easter Holiday trip when the Artbox event was ongoing.
OMG! Look at these cute tile coasters!! 


For new users like me, do remember to key in the promo code 'PAYLAH505' to enjoy a credit of SGD5! What's more, if you spend your first SGD10, you will be credited with another SGD5. 

Both of us fell in love with @onetaplifestyle, the distributor of Karel Capek (Tokyo) as they offer the cutest tea bag packaging. We are suckers for cute stuffs, and being a tea lover myself, I obviously had to get some! I picked up 7 different tea flavors at a total of SGD14 (SGD2 each)


Both Tracy and I picked up an owl pouch each at SGD2.50, and made my payment via DBS PayLah! It was safe and hassle-free, and all you have to do is to scan the QR codes! The app will lead you to key in the cost for your purchase and one need only hit the submit button to complete the transaction! The seller will receive your payment within seconds! 

I love these wooden kitchen wares as upon seeing them, they improved my mood and brightened up my day! 

We wrapped up our experience by having a childhood snack/dessert, ARCTIC ICICLES. Each flavored ice bag cost SGD3. I picked up Honey Milk + Macadamia, while Tracy got herself the Avocado Gula Melaka. It was refreshing, and definitely worth the money paid! 

Thanks to DBS Bank for this wonderful experience on cashless shopping, and I had a great time shopping cashless with an ease of mind. I adore shopping but I dislike carrying too much hard cash with me, so this event was a great experience overall. DBS PayLah! is something I would recommend whole heartedly!


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