[Happy Mothers' Day] Celebration at SDS Bakery & Café

SDS Bakery & Café specializes not only in Asian and Western cuisine, but also offers confectionary delights such as cakes, pastries and assorted breads. It has its humble origin/beginning in Johor, Malaysia, and stays true to its confectioner’s roots by offering delicious cakes and pastries.

I was glad to be invited to the Mother's Day celebration session at 'Fanpekka Café by SDS', which is located at Aeon Mall Tebrau City. Thanks so much to Ms Alice, the PR in charge of the event who extended the invite to my momma and my partner! 
Prior to the event, Ms Alice contacted me via WhatsApp, and I sent her some photos of myself with my mom and family photos for the upcoming event. My family photo which I had contributed appeared in the LCD monitor next to the registration booth. OMG! Look at the delicious cakes on display! I was literally drooling when taking these photos! 

Upon reaching the premises, I was greeted by the wonderful people from the  'Fanpekka Café by SDS' as well as Ms Alice. Thanks for the hospitality and very warm welcome rendered to us! 

After registration, we were lead to our pre-assigned table. Once seated, light refreshments and a pot of Classic Flower Tea were served on our table. 

Both my Mommy and I enjoyed the Classic Flower Tea (RM8.90) very much.
I took many random photos before the event commenced. 

We met with the eatery's newest mascot, 'A-Li', and I took a photo with him together with my JB bloggermate, Kim, who was also at the event.
Mommy took a photo with A-Li too, and she claimed that he was friendly and nice.
'Fanpekka Café by SDS' was so nice to prepare a small gift all mothers who attended this event. My Mommy was surprised and touched upon seeing the limited edition music box in the shape of a classic sewing machine, which brought back many fond memories to her! 

To elaborate, the SDS Bakery & Café at Tebrau was a joint outlet with the 'Fanpekka' kids world next door. However, you can still get the gift at any other SDS Bakery & Café outlets within Johor, when you purchase any Mother's Day Cake Series. 

We started off our lunch with the Family Platter (RM59.90), which was also served with 4 bowls of white rice. This dish's portion is suitable for 4 people to share. 
The platter consists of Stir Fried Dried Chilli Clam, Shrimp Scrambled Egg, Mongolian Fish, Broccoli/Cauliflower Mix Veg and lastly Herbal Chicken Soup. 

Apart from the Parent's Day Family Platter, we were also treated to some ala carte dishes from the menu. 

Lastly, we rounded up our celebration session with a lovely dessert cake, 'Heart of Love'. It tasted fabulous! 

When we thought we had enough pampering from SDS Bakery & Café, they offered another big surprise for us! We were presented with a rainbow cake with our photo on it as a token of appreciation for attending this wonderful event. 

Thanks SDS Bakery & Café for giving me and my momma so many wonderful sweet memories. Thanks for the kind hospitality which made me feel very welcome! I appreciate the invite and I look forward to the next event in Malaysia!

Thanks Mommy, as you are always there for me whenever I am in need! You put up with my nonsense behaviour and give in to me when I throw tantrums on you. To me, I am not a perfect child for you but in your heart, I am always the dearest. Taking this opportunity to wish all mothers out there a very Happy Mothers' Day (:



Unknown said…
This is a gorgeous place, and I won't soon forget it. Attended an event here sponsored by the company. The reception hour was held in one of the rooms next to the San Francisco event venues. I loved their buttery mashed sweet potato.

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