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You can’t say you've visited Osaka without making a trip to Universal Studios Japan (USJ). This post is all about my experience at USJ! It is a good way to keep one's memory fresh by looking back on all the beautiful photos taken during a trip.
I bought the tickets through the JTB office in Singapore prior to our departure to avoid a long queue/wait at the park site. We took a local train to the park, and we arrived at the Universal City Walk to the entrance of the theme park.


Baby urged me to ride on the Hollywood Dream, which I was reluctant in the first place due to the 90’degree plunge down from 144ft at a speed of 90km/h. At the end, I gave in to him, as he really wanted to ride it badly. Yes, it was REALLY SCARY with the steep drops and sharp turns. I screamed throughout the whole ride! If you are a daredevil, you can enjoy the ride by selecting your own music track for the entire ride.

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman is a simulator ride which is very similar to our very own Universal Studios Singapore (USS) and Universal Studios Hollywood (USH) Transformer Ride. I personally prefer the Transformer Ride. It's not that the Spiderman ride was bad, but I felt the Transformer ride was much cooler. 

After the trip to USJ, I fell in love with MOPPY, a new sesame street character which is ONLY exclusive at USJ.   

One must experience the limited time attraction at Universal Cool Japan when visiting USJ. We went for the 4D show based on the anime 'Attack on Titan'. During the show, we got sprayed on our face with water while blood splattered all over the screen!

The giant Titan statue is amazing and it was situated outside the theatre. Yup, there is no camera trick on what you see, it REALLY IS A MASSIVE status built for awesome picture souvenirs!

We also went to the 4D attraction, Monster Hunter: The Real. It is a popular series of action video games in Japan whereby it could be described as a more matured themed version of Pokémon.
Unlike other 4D attractions, we were not given any glasses. Upon entering the screening room, we were greeted by a MASSIVE screen that was wrapped around the entire area! We were standing on a stage which looked like a galleon of a ship and there were some interactive segments for the audience during the show, as we can push the attack button when monsters appeared. From time to time, we got sprayed by a mist of water!

We were happy to meet and greet Charlie Brown and the golden couple, Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel.


We made our way to the ‘Wizarding World of Harry Potter’, and we were greeted by the huge Hogwarts Train upon entering the Hogsmeade Village.

I really love the Hogwarts Castle, as it looked magnificent on the outside and the interior looked realistic and detailed. What really caught my fancy were the moving portraits in the castle.  

Similar to the one at USH, there are 2 rides in the Harry Potter world, but we took only took the simulator ride with 3D effects, Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey Ride. It is located inside Hogwarts Castle. Beware: you may get dizzy as the movement is super rapid.
We also visited the Hello Kitty World of Fashion!



The Re-Boooooooorn parade was a blast! Everybody at the parade area joined in the fun with the casts and sang along with them.

We love Minions! We had some snacks from the Minion Happy Kitchen, as well as our lunch at the Minion Café too.



Lastly, we tried out some of the cutest head gears which was available at the merchandise store in the park.

We left the park at about 8pm, and we went for dinner back at Shinsaibashi which was walking distance from our lodging area, Namba. We had a delightful and filling meal.

Before I end my post, I want to share my cute Jibanyan Water Bottle which I got it at the theme park. FTW Yo-Kai Watch!



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