[New Zealand] Arrived Auckland + Auckland City's Sky Tower

Although I still have many pending posts for my January Japan Kansai holiday, I can't wait to share my experience on my recent trip to New Zealand.
I took a morning flight to New Zealand via Air New Zealand and the flying time was about 9hrs.
I simply love the In-Flight Entertainment and the 'Seat Chat' app which was available on board. The food served was delicious, and my overall experience with Air New Zealand was great. This was my first time flying with Air New Zealand but I loved it!

We reached Auckland International Airport (AKL) at around 11.30pm local time. Auckland is about 4 hours ahead of us in Singapore. The temperature was around 14C to 16C, and it got significantly colder at night!

Gimili the dwarf from LOTR welcomed all to Auckland International Airport!

Prior to our trip, we had reserved and booked our car rental online, and the company picked us up at the airport to their office for the car collection. In all, our car cost us only NZD240 for 12 days. We were all set for our trip after collecting our car. 
We drove ourselves to our Airbnb, and the location was splendid as it was located in the heart of Downtown Auckland. Complimentary parking was provided and the Wi-Fi was stable too! 
We settled at our apartment (The Metropolis) at around 2am, and this cosy place was my 'home' for the next 6 days before we moved on to other areas in New Zealand. I preferred to stay in Airbnb as compared to hotels, as we could buy groceries from nearby supermarkets to cook our own meals within the apartment! Eating out in New Zealand is pretty pricey, with prices ranging from NZD15-20 per person


On our first night, we went down to get some supper from a famous food truck in Auckland, 'The White Lady'! Apparently it is a popular food spot for supper seekers! The portion of the burger was more than enough for 2 people to share, and I thought it was quite delicious.

My breakfast on the first morning was a sandwich I had picked up from the local hypermarket, Countdown. I would say it was a good place to pick up New Zealand products and groceries without feeling the pinch on our wallets/purses as the cost was cheaper, especially when compared to the shops at tourist areas!


We went to explore Auckland City Centre in the day, and visited Auckland City's Sky Tower at night.



Auckland City's Sky Tower is the tallest man-made structure in New Zealand.
Beware of photo galore!


Apparently the glass I stepped on was as strong as concrete. A dash of courage is required to traverse LOL 

We ended our visit of the Sky Tower by having a cup of Hot Chocolate at the Sky Café! 


 We decided to try and see if Lady Luck was with us by visiting the casino located at the base of the tower. Happily for us, Lady Luck was indeed smiling and we won a total of NZD 130 from playing Black Jack and pulling a few levers from the Jackpot machine!

I'll end my long post here, and do stay tuned to my next entry where I will feature on some of the place I visited in Auckland! 


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