A personal reflection on 2020

2020 has been an extraordinary year for everyone. We experienced a whole change in our daily life. Most of us had to work from home during the 'Circuit Breaker' when the Covid pandemic hit Singapore. Our usual lifestyle has changed too as we need to wear mask wherever we go. To be honest, I think I have yet to still adjust myself to suit the ‘whole new norm’, and these bits and pieces of changes made me realized that we can get out of our comfort zone just to make things right!

I am glad to count myself as one of the few lucky ones to have been able to travel in 2020 before the travel restrictions rules were implemented. I travelled to Japan's Hokkaido Prefecture in February. This was a birthday/anniversary/Valentine’s trip which was planned by my lovely Baby Hubby. During our trip, we ensured to put on a mask at all times, and we washed our hands regularly to keep ourselves safe from the virus. Looking back, I think we took a huge risk as we still did not think the pandemic would be such a disaster. Thank god no harm came to us during this trip!

My relationship with my colleagues became stronger even though we didn’t get to see each other for about 6 months due to the WFH. I treasure this bond with them, and I appreciate each other's company and as well as our teamwork! 


On my personal interests, I am also a content creator and initially, I thought that the circuit breaker period would have put a stop to my social media collaborations, but I was proved wrong. My activities on my social media platforms still went very well, and my collaborations flourished pretty well this year. I managed to feature more beauty products, and I was honoured to be selected by the - Bumblescoop's 39 Beauty Bloggers in Singapore to Follow Based on your Skin Type

I am glad that my collaborations and engagements have increased and grown substantially! I appreciate my sponsors, readers/followers and fellow influencer friends who have supported me all this while, which makes me feel very welcome in the social media community! I truly do love my journey in being a content creator!

When the circuit breaker started, everyone was bored to death at home, and during this period of time, it gave us more time to spend with our family. This allowed us to do more work-outs together!

In 2021, I hope to reach my goal in securing my own nest with my Baby Hubby. After the pandemic, I realized that I can accept changes and I will ensure to nail them as much as I can.


Thanks 2020, you made us understand that nothing is predictable, and we need to accept the unknown changes and challenges as they might be your business/career opportunities. There is a Chinese line which says: 危机就是商机


Happy New Year to everyone! Don’t give up hope, as 2021 might be a good and blessed year for us! 



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