[OurPasar] Sirloin Steak for dinner

 Happy New Year! During the first weekend of 2021, both my Baby Hubby and I decided to prepare steak with a glass of red wine for our dinner, and the easiest way for cooking steak is to pan-sear it!

For a perfect steak of any kind, you really need to start with a good quality, high-grade cut of beef. I highly recommend the choice of either ribeye or sirloin!

 Thanks OurPasar for delivering a 1kg of Beef Sirloin to us! What was delightful was that the sirloin was already cut perfectly into 5 pieces weighing 200g each! A perfect cut will always result in a more tender cooked steak. Thanks for keeping it fresh while providing a smooth delivery to my doorstep!

OurPasar is an online halal fresh grocer, which offers seafood, meat and other groceries! They believe in fresh and quality products coupled with great service and price! Their delivery service is top notch, which I personally can verify as I experienced it during this smooth delivery to my doorstep!

I usually leave the cooking to my hubby, and before the cooking started, he marinated the sirloin steak with generous amounts of salt and ground black pepper for about 1-2 hours. Thereafter, he pan-seared the meat for about 2.5 minutes plus on each side. The target was for medium well, and the meat was still tasty and tender! I was impressed by the freshness and quality of meat that OurPasar offers! Yes, #mysirloinisbetterthanyours kudos to #ourpasar!

Gone were the days when you could only make a trip down to the supermarket or wet market to buy groceries when you ran out. With the convenient option now available in placing orders online, you can still get your necessities despite your busy and hectic lifestyles! This is especially so via the usage of the convenient online store, the 'OurPasar'! They even offer free same-day deliveries so that our orders can still reach the us in time despite a last minute order!

If you are interested in trying out their beef sirloin, you are in luck as they are running a promotion now for SGD15 for 1KG of Beef Sirloin.

Check out other deals that OurPasar offers:

FREECHIX - get a whole chicken with a minimum spending of SGD65
FREEBSTEAK - get a free batang steak with a minimum spending of SGD95
FREESALMON - get a free salmon with a minimum spending of SGD180


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