RKM's festive outing


We're back at Changi Airport again! I took a quick shot with the Dino display!

Both Baby and I are oyster lovers, and we were attracted by the 'Happy Hour' offered by Tanuki Raw, which is located at the highest level of Jewel, Changi. During the happy hour period, each oyster is going at only SGD2, and it was great value for money! These tasty oysters were fresh, creamy and large. They are perfect when paired with some beer or cocktails at the premises! Note, in order to enjoy this deal, you have to purchase a drink first!

Baby suggested Hokkaido Soup Curry for dinner, as he misses Hokkaido very much. Therefore we re-visited the Suage outlet in Changi Jewel!

 Both of us love Hokkaido Soup Curry, as it has a watery and light texture as compared to the traditional Japanese thick curry, which is creamier and has a heavier texture. The damage was affordable too!

Recently, both Baby and I had dinner at Central Thai Kitchen which is located at City Square Mall. The food served at the eatery place is a mix of Thai food with Chinese influence.

We had Jungle Kway Teow and Basil Beef Rice as our mains! 

The Tom Yum Seafood Soup tasted authentic, and was prepared with the correct Thai spices. The portions of seafood was generous as well, but most importantly, they were very fresh! The Thai Prawn Cake has a perfect crispy deep-fried exterior, and it tasted pretty decent. However, I've had better ones at other Thai eatery places.

We made use of the dining deals from the ‘eatigo app’ to enjoy a 15% discount on our meal. On top of that, I was given an additional SGD20 cash voucher as well to offset our meal damage. We only paid SGD19 in total after all the discounts and deductions, which made our dinner’s damage very affordable for us!

After the first visit to Sushiro at Waterway Point, I fell in love with this eatery place. As I've mentioned in my previous post, there is another outlet at Causeway Point which is actually nearer to our home, but the horrid queues always put us off!

Baby and I decided to try our lunch and went over for brunch. We arrived a mere 30 minutes after the restaurant opened, but there was already a queue forming! We queued for about 5 minutes, and we were given 60 minutes of dining period. 


Both Baby and I preferred the sushi and hot food served at the Causeway Point outlet as compared to Waterway Point. Sushiro has now become our next favourite sushi place!

I end my post with my pair of Simplicity Fish Shaped Design Hoop Wire Earrings from Chewy! Thanks pal for the gift!


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