[PRODUCT REVIEW] CCOTMUL Blending Flower Tea (Citrus Pink) + Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum

I received the Blending Flower Tea (Citrus Pink) from CCOTMUL, and the parcel was sent directly from Korea. My little cute niece KaeGirl received it happily on my behalf from the delivery man! Thanks 0.8L Singapore for arrangement!

 I love the beautiful box which consists of 10 individually packed teabags, and the tea has a fresh light citrus scent.

CCOTMUL Blending Flower Tea (Citrus Pink) is a detoxing tea that can be drunk often and is perfect for someone who wants to control or reduce their weight. It is a popular tea as it is easy to drink. It has a fresh taste of lemon and orange!

Floral teas don’t just look and smell good, but they have beneficial properties such as healing, weight loss and overall health improvements!

This tea is made from Blending Korean flowers, and the natural pigments of the petals color the water! You can enjoy their healing benefits by drinking the blended tea!

I love the tea bottle that comes with the box of tea as this means I can enjoy my detox pink tea anywhere and anytime!

Lastly, thanks CCOTMUL for the product! I hope my review post can help you to understand the product better! SHARING IS CARING!

I was so excited about the Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum that I received recently. Due to the constant mask-wearing daily lifestyle, hydrating products have become essential to our daily beauty regime so the Belif Aqua Bomb range might be something that is useful to us!

The Brightening Ampoule Serum that moisturizes the skin, and gives the skin vitality to make it clear and transparent. For usage of this product, I applied it directly to my skin after using toner. It glided easily and blended well over the skin. It absorbs rapidly into my skin, and I'm actually quite impressed by the results over a short period of 3 weeks of application. I love the overall brightening of my skin tone, which has helped to lighten my dark spots/freckles. Mostly importantly, it is lightweight and safe to use without any skin irritation.

Apart from the Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum, I also received their popular the 'Aqua Bomb' too! It is a moisturizer with the texture of gel-cream. It is lightweight and suitable for most skin types to use, including oily, combination and normal skin types. I love the light gel texture of the Aqua Bomb as it glides easily over my face and is absorbed into my skin within seconds! My skin doesn’t feel heavy or sticky after application.


Lastly, thanks Clozette for sending over the Aqua Bomb Brightening Ampoule Serum and The True Cream - Aqua Bomb.


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