December's Parti-package + Dessert Review - Tiramisu by Tiramisu Xpert

I am into my sixth month with Particlub, and I have been receiving my monthly 'Parti-package' delivery right at my doorstep! KaeGirl loves taking photos with the Partibox goodies after my mommy has collected them from the delivery-man.

The Partibox‘s goodies are getting better each month, which makes me feel more excited each month, wondering what I will receive next!

This time, I received a 6-pack of Marigold Jasmine Green Tea with 40% Less Sugar drink! I also received 3 lunch-boxes from Marigold too. Thanks for the useful containers!

I also received some sample try-outs on various hair products from Eguruwowo.

I also received lots of Marshmallows! I'm looking forward to taste the Chocolate and Strawberry flavours of the CorNichE Dip Dip Marshmallows! Apart from the CorNichE Dip Dip Marshmallow, CorNichE X Partipost also includes 2 packs of Marshmallows which I can add them into my hot chocolate drink!

This summarizes all the goodies that I obtained from my December edition of Particlub's delivery! I am now looking forward to my favorite month - January gift Box! Do stay tuned, as I will share on the box's content on my space again!

Recently, I got a delivery from Tiramisu Xpert to our place. They had sent over a non-alcoholic tiramisu and an alcoholic one for a sweet tasting!

We enjoyed the alcohol-infused tiramisu, as they tasted awesomely good and had a delicious coffee liqueur kick! The texture is smooth, creamy, yet light and fluffy. Thumbs up!

A good tiramisu may or may not contain alcohol, but the texture must be smooth, creamy, yet light and fluffy. What makes a tiramisu perfect is the balance of sweetness and bitterness in both the chocolate and coffee. It was a great indulgence as Tiramisu Xpert had nailed it!


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