Sentosa Island Lights with Sanrio Characters + Lunch at Mui Kee Congee

The 'Sentosa Island Lights' event was back again, and the theme this time was characters from Sanrio! It featured larger-than-life Sanrio character inflatables, including everyone’s favorite Hello Kitty, My Melody and the cutest Little Twin StarsThe event had us going on a trip down memory lane at Sentosa, as it also showcased on the early beginnings and history of Sentosa!


I managed to secure a slot for Sentosa Island Lights with Sanrio Characters on a random Friday which was three days before the event ended. We made our way after our dinner at VivoCity.

Upon entering the premises, we walked through this tunnel of heart shaped lights into the main Island Lights with Sanrio Characters grounds.

This was the first light installation at Island Lights with Sanrio Characters once we entered the main ground. The larger than life Hello Kitty welcomed us with a harp that holds some of her favorite things, as well as a miniature Sentosa Gateway Arch!

The next stop was down Memory Lane with My Melody!

At the Island Lights with Sanrio Characters, we found some retro pictures of Sentosa and reminisced on some of the old landmarks at Sentosa, such as the Palawan Pirate Ship, the old Ferry Terminals, the old suspension bridge, and Fantasy Island, which were just a few to be named!

Hiya Kiki and Lala aka The Little Twin Stars! Nice to meet you! Essentially, the whole event was a large 12-metre long LED Neon light installation along the coastline of Siloso Beach that featured the Sanrio Characters!

When we hopped onto the beach tram that brought us back to the Beach Train station, we felt like tourists bidding goodbye to Sentosa! Thanks for the slot, as both of us enjoyed the LED Neon Light installations very much!

We came upon 'Mui Kee Congee' which is presently located at Shaw Centre by chance on a random Saturday afternoon, and we decided to give it a try. The place originates from Hong Kong, Mongkok and I had read a lot of good reviews about this congee place previously, especially when I was in Hong Kong but I had never given it a try.

Both Baby and were surprised to see a line even though it was already past lunch hour. We were there at 3.45pm, and we waited for 15 minutes before entering the premises.


We ordered the Homemade Pork Meatball Congee, and there was actually a hint of 'wok hei' in the porridge! I loved the smoky wok hei as this was my first time tasting a porridge like this! It was great!

Mui Kee is definitely worth a try if you want to experience porridge with 'wok hei'. Aside from the porridge, I had the chee cheong fun and beef brisket too! The Sakura Ebi Chee Cheong Fun was pretty interesting, and most importantly, it was delicious!

The Beef Brisket was the last item that was served to us, after we did a reminder to the staff. I really enjoyed the generous portion of the beef meat/tenderloin and each piece of meat tasted tender and flavorful! It was definitely worth the wait!

The bar counter's decor at the eatery place caught me by surprise, as it was made out of mahjong tiles! I could really feel the strong Cantonese vibes from the eatery place. I would say the eatery had brought over its culture from Hong Kong into the Singapore outlet. The service here was fairly efficient, which I think is a blessing as it definitely did not have the notorious HKG service once could expect in Hong Kong!!


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