Friday, December 21, 2012

Festive fun at Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast

Sentosa 4D Magix, is an award-winning attraction located in Sentosa, Imbiah lookout. Sentosa 4D Magix's three popular attractions are Pirates in 4D, Extreme Log Ride and Desperados in 3D.
Pirates in 4D is an interactive movie experience with 4-dimensional digital effects springing movies to life. It's fun filled with water sprays/spills, seat vibration, leg ticklers and base shakers. It is Southeast Asia's first 4-dimensional cinematic experience attraction that has won the Asian attractions award for most popular small attraction for 5 consecutive years from 2007-2011.

Extreme log ride, Singapore's first cinematic ride and wind blasters are added to mimic a roller coaster ride.

 Desperados in 3D is the first 3D interactive shoot-out theatre in Singapore. Experience the shoot-out gaming with hand-held motion sensor guns while riding on a moving saddle. Desperados in 3D utilizes state-of-the-art 3D projection system that allows the audience to see bullets and objects fly right off the screen.

We rode on the ultimate 4d simulation ride at CineBlast for a spectacular Journey of a super tree log. During the ride, I was being tossed and turned around steep valleys, deep caves and dove into crocodile infested waters in a motion-simulated cabin. With a 4d wide screen, I felt the twist and plunge experience as it happens on the screen.

Headng to the entrance of Pirates in 4D...
We gals had fun with the props before entering the Pirates in 4D.

Among the three rides, I love the Desperados in 3D: Shoot-Out Game.

 We hopped on the moving saddle, and we travelled into a thrilling 3D animated Wild West shoot out.  
It's a great fun for friends and families as you can find out who is the top shot during this interactive game.

We took a group photo before leaving Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast...
We concluded our day out at Starbucks which is located outside the Cable Car Station. We had great chill-out session with delicious cakes and coffee... 

Thanks for the invite!! I had fun at Sentosa 4D Magix and CineBlast, so folks do plan your trip down for this festive season celebration with your friends and families.

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