Sunday, December 16, 2012

LollyTalk, Hand-made Candy

LollyTalk is a home-grown candy maker from Singapore. They make their own rock candies fresh from scratch and they are all handmade.

Handmade rock candies originated from Australia and the birth of LollyTalk in 2010 pays tribute to that. LollyTalk learnt the art of candy-making from Aussies, Ross and Judy who are the leaders in candy-making in Queensland. The couple won multiple awards at the 2009 royal Melbourne fine food awards. Being the grand champion of rock candy, Ross and Judy were awarded the gold medal for fruit rock mix, silver medal for lollypops and bronze medal for candy design.

Under their masters' guidance, they picked up the finer points in making authentic Aussie rock candies that taste and look good. There is an array of selection of flavors including Queensland's renowned Banana and Watermelon as well as Sarsi and Root Beer.

LollyTalk has sponsored their freshly made rock candies at various events in 2012 including the official opening of local label, WSDM at Millenia Walk as well as the Singapore International Salsa Festival.

LollyTalk commits to make the best tasting quality candies and is constantly on the lookout for new flavors. The candies can be customized for special occasions such as weddings and birthdays.

I love the LollyTalk's Korean-inspired packaging with the two mascots, Rocky and Candy, and they are from Candy Land.

LollyTalk is opening a flagship store at Plaza Singapura (B2-20) by the end of this year. Do check out their space. ‘LIKE’ them on Facebook page for more information and updates!!

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