Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SingTel Experience Centre

The SingTel Experience Centre at Comcentre showcases technology that uses intuitive Minority Report-style body gestures to manipulate and interact with multimedia images on a giant 14-metre, 180-degree circular screen.

The system is able to detect the presence of up to five concurrent users and automatically adjusts images to cater to each user.

The experience centre features ultra-high definition images of three iconic cities: Paris, Shanghai and Rio de Janeiro. Users can zoom in and out of images and navigate to points of interest through intuitive swimming-style movements and by making binoculars-like gestures. They can also take a photograph of themselves superimposed on the city landscape and share them via social networks.

Now, you can see the world without leaving Singapore or without having a valid passport to do so...  

A group us were invited to SingTel Comcentre to experience the latest technology brought to us by SingTel.

SingTel gathers data on how users interact with the system like gestures they use, how quickly they learn, how they respond to tutorials, how they engage with natural gestures. 

These information will enable SingTel to explore how new technologies that can be applied in real-life commercial applications.

 SingTel is now working with partners to explore video conferencing technologies that use life-size 3-dimensional holographic images and also looking into eye-tracking technologies that may allow users to control virtual objects and electronic devices by sight.

We were given a chance to hand on and experience travelling around the world without stepping out of Singapore.

Lastly, we took a picture against our favorite city and uploaded it on facebook, and I was truly amazed by the interactive digital technology...
The SingTel Experience Centre will be open to the public from Thursday 6 December during normal SingTel Shop operating hours. For more information, please visit

By reading the above, are you amazed by this future man-made interaction? I bet that YOU WILL when you click on the youtube video. Have a pleasant viewing (:

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