Monday, December 24, 2012

Spending the festive season in our RKM way

Baby and I wanted to have hot desserts after our dinner... We went to Dessert Bowl which is located at Serangoon Gardens Way. It is a good place to hunt for great dessert.
We did some cam-whoring before we started off on our desserts...

We had Glutinous Balls (mixture of peanut and sesame fillings) in Ginger Soup. Our cravings were satisfied!!
YAY!! I got 2 gifts from my Baby for Christmas this year. Revealing my first gift from him which was used with Precious Moments gift-wrapping.
A collaboration between Precious Moments and Disney Toy Story, Jessie Yodel Ay-Hee-Ho, I Sure Like You. The porcelain Bisque figurine stands at 5 inches tall and is one of the Disney Showcase Collections.

I love the adorable figurine as it is crafted by hand painting  and it is definitely a timeless treasure for Precious Moments lovers.
Baby is still the one who knows me the best, and I received his X'mas pressie featuring Anna Sui...

Anna Sui Eye & Lip Color Palette 2012 (#01). Ocean portrays the picture and has the color of beach. The design concept comes from ocean adventure and pirates.  It is a vibrant and jewel-toned colour palette...

I felt so excited when I received it. The eye color looks nice and the lip color looks good too. Thanks so much for the lovely palette, and I love it loads!

This set contains: Eye Color Palette (3 colors) - Turquoise, Tropical Pink and Deep Blue and Lip Color (2 colors lip glosses) - Hot Pink and Slivery Purple in skull print and lip colour contains sunny glittering shade.
I am happy with my pressie - Anna Sui Eye & Lip Color Palette 2012. Anna Sui is my forever favorite make-up brand. Thanks Baby for getting the palette as my X'mas present.

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