Friday, January 31, 2014

Birthday Celebration in Hong Kong

This year, I celebrated my birthday in Hong Kong, and I remembered very clearly that I just went over to Hong Kong last October. Oh well, and this explains that I LOVE HK very much!! Most importantly, we were able to taste some of the best foods and shopping in HKG, in short, I am an ultimate food lover and crazy shopper.

As usual, I took Cathay Pacific Airways to Hong Kong, and I did my normal routine thing onboard and that was to browse through the list of newly released movies from the in-flight entertainment guide selection. I selected 'TURBO' to keep me entertained for my entire flight journey as I missed out on catching it when it was showing in the cinemas.

After 3hrs 55mins of flying, I finally landed at Hong Kong International Airport, as usual, once I cleared the immigration customs/checks. I proceeded to the nearest 7-11 store to get my 5-day tourist PCCW SIM card which included Mobile Data + unlimited usage of local voice-call and wi-fi. Last but not least, I purchased the Airport Express Travel Pass which included 2-way Airport Express ride + 3-days unlimited MTR rides.

I stayed at Shamrock Hotel again as it is located at just a few steps away from Jordan MTR Station. The excellent location of the hotel did compensate for the old-looking room and no free wi-fi access in the room.

Baby and I presented our OOTD(s) in Hong Kong respectively...

It was the eve of my birthday when we arrived in Hong Kong, and we went to Hysan Place, Causeway Bay for our dinner and Baby bought a mousse cake from the world acclaimed French Patisserie, Paul Lafayet for my mini birthday celebration.

I chose Bailey Dome for our indulgence, and Happy Birthday to me and may all wishes come true this year... 


Apart from the cake, Baby got me some seasonal Éclairs from Japan, and I love the packaging very much. 

We did some shopping at Hysan Place, and I stopped by Too Cool For School as there was a super good deal promotion going on. They are selling the Egg Mousse Soap & Pack. (Buy Egg Mousse Pack and get Egg Mousse Soap for Free)

I paid HKD140 for the Egg Mousse Pack and I got an Egg Mousse Soap for free. What a good deal!!

Apart from the beauty products from Too Cool For School, I also picked up some products from Innisfree. The Mineral BB Cream is one of the popular items in the shop, so without thinking twice, I bought it together with the No-Sebum Mineral Powder (translucent).

We did some shopping at Mong Kok, and I picked up some simple loots (1/10 of my entire trip purchase hahaha). Among all, I love the tattoo stockings very much, which were picked up from Argyle Centre via New Town Mall.

We took the MTR to Diamond Hill and we did more shopping at Plaza Hollywood. The mall was full of the CNY festive mood... 

There is ONE thing for sure, we need to do in Hong Kong and that is to visit Chiu Hing as they offer delicious fish noodles, so we took the MTR to Wan Chai to satisfy our cravings. The fish noodles is a local delicacy that can only be found in Hong Kong, and rarely at other places. This is the reason why we will always make a point to eat this dish at least once during our holiday in HKG.

 As we walked around Wan Chai area, we passed by many decent and indecent pubs/ massage parlors which makes this area look like a Red-Light District.

Hong Kong Tramways is a tram system in Hong Kong, and is one of the earliest forms of public transport. It is affectionally called ‘Ding Ding’ by the locals. Hong Kong Tramways is not only a transportation tool, but also an historic icon in Hong Kong.

To give myself a good treat on my birthday to the max, I went on a shopping spree and I got my loots from Coach. You will never believe the price we paid for our loots. I am super happy with my purchases!!

If you are looking what to eat in Hong Kong, do check out my next blog post then.

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