Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pre-Birthday Celebration / Pre-CNY Gathering

This year, my birthday falls during the Chinese New Year period... To be honest, I don't really like it as most of my friends including myself are busy doing spring-cleaning and preparations for the coming new year and have no time to celebrate my birthday for me :(

 Therefore I decided to have a simple dinner gathering cum birthday celebration, exactly 1-week before my birthday, and moreover I have booked my holiday to Hong Kong on the eve of my Birthday...

I picked The Tiramisu Hero for our gathering, and I appreciated each and everyone's attendance!! As many people know that popular blogger, Peggy aka sixpegs is the co-owner for The Tiramisu Hero and most of my friends are Bloggers who love exploring new food haunts, so I suggested this place to them.

Upon stepping into the premises, I was greeted by Sir Antonio who is the mascot of the cafe.

 The STAR attraction of The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is none other than the huge Sir Antonio’s head and this spot is a popular photo-taking point for every customer. Our visits to The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is not complete without our impersonation of Sir Antonio!!

Here I am again as the lady version of Sir Antonio hahaha!!

Terence and Jas Jas had Ham and Egg Roll.

Sweetie, TZ and Andrew had Chefchef Curry Baked Rice.

Cindy and I had Mash and Bangers.

The crazy us say cheeze!!

Finally, the heavenly moment! YES! It's time for desserts, the signature MOMMAHERO Tiramisu...

 Before we left the cafe, we took our group photo at the entrance of The Tiramisu Hero Cafe, as we love the garden-like alfresco area very much.

Thanks for all the gifts that you guys have given to me and as well as for the love that was rendered to me... I sincerely want to say a BIG THANK YOU to all the people who came all the way to join me for this simple gathering...

It has been a SUPER LONG-TIME since I received a birthday card moreover it was a musical card. I love it loads!!

I met up Rosanne on another date as we shared the same birth date, and I received a gift from her by CITIGEMS.

OM!! It looks good on me!! Thanks Babe for getting that for me and I miss you so much. I want to meet you soon!!

I end my post with a complimentary Hot Cocoa Mix from The Tiramisu Hero!!

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