Monday, January 27, 2014

Jess Baby's happenings

Our usual weekend activity is to drive into JB, Malaysia, and this time we went in via the Tuas Second link. We cleared the customs in just a few minutes, and we were heading to Aeon Bukit Idah. We had our lunch at Beans Talk, a small eatery place which offers Taiwanese street food/desserts...

Baby had Braised Pork Rice with Egg (Lu Rou Fan)

I had Oyster Mee Sua

We crossed over to the opposite side of Aeon Bukit Idah in order to seek new places for our dinner, and as we walked along the street of Jalan Idah, we discovered a food gem, Jeju BBQ Korean Restaurant.

The restaurant is run by Koreans, and upon entering the premises, the interior setting look very similar to those in Korea.

We were served 15 side dishes (banchan) upon being seated, and they almost took up the whole table space.

We ordered pepper marinated pork loin

The meat was wonderfully cooked above the charcoal grille, and each piece of meat tasted awesome.

Apart from BBQ, we had Spicy Tofu Soup and Kimchi Pancake...

I love the Kimchi Pancake very much, and it tasted great. The damage was RM70 (SGD27-ish), and that was super affordable to our pockets. Indeed!

Recently, I received a gift pack worth SGD30 from Apivita, and I was glad that Baby collected it from Apivita Vivo City on my behalf...

I can't wait to try out the Apivita Haircare, and thanks for the 7 days trial pack!

Cutie pie, Joey just came back from Japan and she is so sweet to bring me lotsa goodies... I love Japanese snackies, and thanks Joey!!

To welcome 2014, I picked up a new cover for my passport...

I hereby end my post with a random dinner at Five Star Chicken Rice which is located opposite Beauty World.

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