Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sunday date: The Tiramisu Hero Cafe

It was a Sunday night before we ended our weekend and before we got back to work on a moody Monday, we decided to cheer ourselves up by visiting the newly opened cafe, The Tiramisu Hero. It was co-owned by popular blogger, Peggy aka sixpegs. The cafe is located at Tyrwhitt Road (beside Jalan Besar Stadium)
The Tiramisu Hero Cafe was easy spotted from the outside as at the entrance, you will see a garden-like alfresco area. Upon stepping into the premises, I was greeted by Sir Antonio, The Tiramisu Hero who is the mascot of the cafe. He can be found drawn on almost all the walls, corners and even the ceiling of the cafe... The walls are full of scribbles and sketches of Sir Antonio in different poses and scenes.

Among all, I like the interior design very much especially the ladders on the ceiling with hanging light bulbs best.


The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is a great place to chill out with friends or loved ones.

  After ordering at the cashier, we were given an order number which comes in a wooden cylindrical block. We posed a shot with the wooden block. Cute lol!
I was surprised that they offer Thai food entrees like Tom Yum Goong and Thai Basil Pork Rice which don't really appear in any dessert cafes.
I ordered the Thai Basil Pork Rice and from the presentation, it may look normal and not appealing, but it tasted seriously good.

Baby had Chefchef Curry Baked Rice, and I was pretty shocked that it was served in the aluminum baking tray like ‘Aircraft food’. Oh well, I felt that it should have been served in an unique utensil to suit the theme of the cafe or at least be served on a decent plate.
It is not my cup of tea but Baby enjoyed it very much, as the curry smell bears a distinctive Indian curry as I personally prefer Japanese Curry .

 We topped up SGD5 for a bowl of Mushroom Soup and a Mud Pie to my main course. 

The Mushroom Soup tasted awesome, and the texture is rich and thick like paste. The garlic bread was crunchy and went very well with the soup.

I didn't have the chance to try out the signature Tiramisu due to our Mud Pie... Oh well, I will come back again for desserts and coffee next time...

I love the colorful fluffy balls that were attached to the ceiling in the ‘LOO ROOM’, and I like it so much that I took a selfie of myself in the toilet, and that explains why the toilet is always occupied.
The star attraction of The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is the huge Sir Antonio’s head and this spot is a popular for every customer to leave their footprints at The Tiramisu Hero Cafe.

My visit to The Tiramisu Hero Cafe is not complete without my impersonation as Sir Antonio!!
I am the lady version of Sir Antonio hahaha!! In short, I am 'Madam' Antonio lol!!

This is a great idea for people who are camera-shy, and Baby and I had a fun night taking photo in The Tiramisu Hero Cafe.


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