Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jess Baby and her lovely friends

Thanks Ryna for the lovely Hello Kitty Eye-Mask!! It looks so sweet and cute. Ryna, Rush, Baby and I fixed a date to have dinner together on Boxing Day, and we settled at Modesto’s which is located at Vivo City.

Ever since their re-location, they have stopped serving complimentary free-flow of home-baked bread with olive oil and vinegar dip. Argh!! I miss the authentic Italian starter...

Both Baby and I had Minestrone Soup to start off our meal, while they had Cream of Mushroom Soup.

We ordered the Calamari Fritti to share among ourselves, and the Calamari Fritti tasted yummy and crispy. I simply can't stop popping them into my mouth.

For the main course, Baby and I shared a traditional Italian wood-fired Pizza and a home-made Pasta together...

We ordered the regular thin-crusted Chicken Sausages Pizza, and tasted pretty good. We had Vongole Pasta too, and I savored every bit of it...

We rounded up our meal with delicious desserts.

Chocolate Gelato with Biscuits and Tiramisu.

We enjoyed our double date dining session very much!! The damage was SGD68-ish per couple.

Thanks Baby for helping me to collect the whole set of this classic plushie from McDonald’s.

Officer Big Mac is a humanoid character with a large Big Mac for a head. He is the chief of police in McDonald-land, and he wears an old-fashioned constable's uniform.

Officer Big Mac is the main representative of law and order in McDonald-land, it is his responsibility to prevent the Hamburglar from stealing hamburgers.

It has been a long hiatus since I met up Suhan ever since she left our company for new ventures. We met up for a simple lunch at Plaza Singapura, and we settled at her favorite Japanese restaurant, Itacho Sushi.

We went for the weekday set lunch, and I paid SGD11-ish for my Tempura Udon. It is so affordable to lunch in at Itacho Sushi on weekdays...

During our meal, we did the gift exchange together. I am happy to see her again and thanks for the lovely gift.

  Cliques reunited for a post-Christmas gathering dinner at Kungfu Paradise, and we had a delightful dinner. It is good to see the people I love during the gathering...

During the dinner gathering, I received pressies from Christine and Claressa...

OMG!! It is the cute elephant from Sentimental Circus, and I love the cute ear-phones loads from Claressa.

This is my first exchange gift from Christine, as I got to know her from the Chandon Summer event in July 2013. Thanks ya for the lovely-wrapped gift! 

We ended our dinner at Kungfu Paradise with a group photo!!

Baby and I were at the Tiger Radler road-show, and it was held at the Clarke Quay.

I tried the drink and it was pretty light as it contains only 2% alcohol. It is definitely a ladies’drink, and to me, it tasted like lemon sparkling mocktail.

Thanks for the goodies, Tiger Radler!!

2013 has been a pretty fruitful year for me though there were some ups and downs along the way, but it is still a decent year for me as a whole.

I crossed over the causeway to Malaysia for almost every weekend, be it via road trip or flight, I am always looking forward to my short trips. I visited Hong Kong twice in 2013, and this shows that I love Hong Kong very much.

I made some new resolutions for 2014, and I hope my wishes will come true... I think 2014 will be better year for me and everyone out there...

I got myself a 2014/2015 schedule book from Kinokuniya which featured my new love, Sentimental Circus. With this handy book, I will be able to plan my holiday trips, casual outings, and my expenditures wisely, as I strongly believe that planning is the initial step to achieve the goal in life.

The pages look so nice that I really do not bear to leave any pen mark on it, but oh well, I will ensure that I leave my best handwriting on this schedule book.

I am always looking forward to the first month of each year as January is my birthday month. This year, during my birthday week, the plan has already been set in December 2013. I am all ready for the celebration... 

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