Sunday, January 19, 2014

Premiere of Red Bull Flying Bach

The four-time world champions, The Flying Steps gave a stellar performance of their highly-acclaimed show for the first time in Singapore at The Esplanade Theatre.

The production, Red Bull Flying Bach, is an internationally acclaimed show that marries the urban art of break-dancing and the high culture of classical music. If Bach was still alive, he would be proud of his music being introduced to the younger generation who have never really been into Bach or any classical music.

I attended the premiere of Red Bull Flying Bach without any idea of what to expect from it. To my surprise, the show was incredibly impressive in many ways, be it the dance moves or the piano pieces. The show runs for 70-minute with pleasant visuals and storyline. 

I have witnessed an ultimate clash of cultures, as Red Bull Flying Bach hits Singapore shores for the very first time, and I was so amazing that 18th century composer, Johann Sebastian Bach’s world famous piece, ‘The Tempered Clavier’ comes alive with the awesome choreography break-dance crew, The Flying Steps. 

Each of the seven members took turns to show off their best moves, paying full attention to detail with each move being executed with excellent precision to Johann Sebastian Bach’s The Well-Tempered Clavier. The classical dancer, Anna Holmstorm completed the fusion of dance styles with her ballet and modern moves.

Red Bull Flying Bach is an art of motion that delivers an unforgettable experience for the audience. I love the fusion art of break-dance and classical music.  They interpret Bach’s genius composition and translate each note into dynamic dance move. 

 There are two different elements of music for Red Bull Flying Bach: The classical part is presented by piano and harpsichord; the modern part by electronic beats.

Red Bull Flying Bach bears a fascinating new concept because it takes break-dance to high society. It is a performance not to be missed. Indeed!

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