Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dining with Sushi Airways

Happy New Year! Welcome onboard Sushi Airways, a fairly new airline has landed at Kampong Glam conservation area which is along Baghdad Street.

Sushi Airways offers a first class service flying experience without any turbulence in the 30-seater eatery place.

Before entering the restaurant, we need to totter up a short boarding metallic stairs which lead to the 'aircraft'. We were greeted by a cabin crew who was dressed like a flight attendant as we were entering the cabin.

I was in awe of the interior, which resembles a retro 1930's Douglas DC-3, an American Fixed-wing propeller air plane.  

We were given our boarding pass upon being seated.

The restaurant was perfectly designed like an air plane, as there are many windows at the side walls that looked like I was inside an aircraft.

I love the In-Flight menu, which was amazingly shown as a Flight Manual.

I was pretty curious about what kind of food they will be serving at this aviation-themed restaurant as airplane food are pre-heated meals served in an aluminum foil dish tray, but to my surprise the food tasted pretty good.

We had Aburi Salmon Sushi to start of our dinner.

The Miso Soup was served later than our main course as the soup was not pre-cooked, and kept under constant heat.

The Kurobuta Katsu was so tender that it literally melted in my mouth... I love the crispy golden brown Kurobuta Katsu and it was the clincher for me...

Baby ordered Oyako Don...

I had Unagi Tamago Toji Don, and it tasted delicious.

The damage was pretty hefty, and we paid SGD73-ish with 2 cups of tea. Though is the price is pretty much at the higher side, but the ambience made up for it and this is the flight that you won't want to miss.

Thanks Baby for bringing me there for a nice meal and I love visiting theme restaurants...  

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