Monday, January 6, 2014

[Christmas Mood] Dinner at Fullhouse Signature + pressies


Though Christmas Day is over but I am still immersed in a festive moods. December has always been one of my favorite months apart from my Birthday month (January)...

A half day was rendered to us on Christmas Eve, and I headed home straight after my work. I had some nonya kuehs while selfie-ing with Tigger...  

I did feel kinda weird to have nonya kuehs on Christmas Eve... Oh well, it always nice to have some combination of East and West. I love the Yam Cake loads... 

Thanks Shelley for the pressie!!

The gift was unwrapped, and it was a bangle which was made of many beads. I love it very much as it looks nice resting on my wrist...

Thanks Patricia for the wonderful gift and she has never failed to give me surprises. This gift was hand-delivered by her office dispatch to my office... She is such a sweet friend of mine!!

I was on leave on the 23/12 (Mon) and when I was back to work the following day which was Christmas Eve, I saw this present which was on my table. I asked around who it could have been from, but none of my colleagues knew! Hence I regard this gift as a gift from God.... Thanks so much to whoever you are. God blesses you!  

Thanks Karen (sista-in-law) so much for the lovely masks...

Lastly, this charm bracelet is from Wendy, my colleague. Thanks ya!! 

Baby and I went to Fullhouse Signature for our humble Christmas dinner.

 I took very minimal photos when I was there, mainly because I have attended their official opening party in early December 2013. Check out my post on the opening party of Fullhouse Signature.

I love this meaningful wall clock decor, as it says: Spending time with family is worth every second. 


We started off my meal with a pot of Earl Grey Tea for 2...

Baby ordered the Vongole Spaghetti

I had Scallop Aglio Spaghetti

The pasta was perfectly done, Al dente indeed. I really love the seared scallops, as it tasted fresh and juicy. The spicy-ness is decent, just an ish of spicy to tantalize my taste-buds.

We had a nice and peaceful Christmas dinner, and the damage was SGD55. 

We ended our night at Fullhouse Signature with a photo against the ‘kawaii’ back-drop of the Fullhouse family members...   

We received a Christmas gift from Fullhouse Signature before we made our way out from the restaurant... We felt blessed as they prepared presents for all their diners... A little thought means so much!!  

I am a true-blue Singaporean, as I am already preparing myself for 2014's Halloween!! I chanced upon this Nail Wrap  featuring a Halloween theme, and I got it without thinking twice, mainly because the price was super attractive, I paid SGD2 for it. So cheap, why not buy first and keep for later use (Singaporean’s spirit: KIASU)  

I hereby end my post with some vintage metal key-winding toys which is long extinct from the modern technology toy world. I love the nostalgic feeling and this shows that I am getting old and my childhood toys are facing out from the present high-tech world.    

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