Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[100% whole grains] Sunshine Bakeries - Classic Wholemeal Bread

Singaporeans nowadays place more emphasis on health, as everyone is more health conscious and look out for food that are packed with nutrients and naturally good. Sunshine Bakeries cater to their needs by ensuring freshest and healthiest bread for the consumers.

A healthy choice of bread with label of 100% whole grains, Sunshine Bakeries bread are naturally low in fat and cholesterol free. They are known to offer protection from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and some cancer diseases.

Sunshine Bakeries all new Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread is baked with natural wheat berries which are rich in dietary fibre, nutrients and complex carbohydrates.  It bears an authentic and distinct taste of bread made from 100% whole grains.
 Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread 550g is now available at all leading supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts, at a retail price of SGD3.50 per loaf pack.

Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread carries the 100% whole grains endorsement by US Whole Grain Council (WGC) and also endorsed by our local Health Promotion Board as a healthier choice product.

Apart from Sunshine Classic Wholemeal Bread, Sunshine Bakeries also launched Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Hamburger Buns 220g which are selling at a retail price of SGD1.80, and they contain 24% extra fine wholemeal and are perfect for grilling, stove or oven heating. It is also suitable for all meat and veggie patties.

Sunshine Extra Fine Wholemeal Hot Dog Rolls 220g are retailing at a price of SGD1.80, and they contain 24% extra fine wholemeal and are a perfect complement for hot dogs or sausages. Both these new products carry the health promotion board's healthier choice symbol.

THANK YOU for the delivery to my place!
I was pretty surprised that it is relatively soft even though it is 100% wholemeal. I strongly recommend the bread for people who lead a busy lifestyle yet looking for healthy food. You can opt for it for your brekkie, as the bread goes well with butter or jam.

Change your eating diet for a healthier choice today!

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