Friday, October 3, 2014

Japan Trip! [Continue...] Unique eatery places in Japan

There are many interesting restaurants and cafes in Japan, so during our last trip to Japan, we visited some cool and unique eatery places...

We went to The Capcom Bar which is located at Shinjuku (walking distance from our hotel), it offers a totally new authentic entertainment experience  by allowing customers to have hands on in playing Capcom's classic games, as well as the latest releases.  

The menu features more than 40 unique entrees with an extensive drink selection.  


I ordered Gyakuten alcohol series drink, Tea Liqueur with Cranberry Juice (730 Yen), and we shared Brain Cake (680 Yen) from Resident Evil (Bio Hazard).

The Brain Cake receives a very good rating on the internet, so we decided to order the cake for our shared dessert. The shape of the cake looked pretty creepy, but it tasted good!

I enjoyed the light snacks (nachos and sausages) very much. Oiishi ne!

Many of the premiums were sold out during our trip, so Baby is making a point to come back again for our next Japan trip!

As most of the people who read my blog, know that my Baby is a historic freak/buff, he actually loves reading historic events, and he did some research and found a War-themed restaurant, the Sengoku Buyu-den,which also located at Shinjuku!

Upon entering the restaurant, Sengoku Buyu-den, we were amazed by the unique concept Izakaya Japanese-style eatery place which bears a war period theme. It is highly recommended people who love history during the war era, just like my Baby.

We were greeted by some Japanese samurai replica armours of famous heroes and generals during the warring period of Japan's past.

We had some beers during our meal...

We ordered a plate of sashimi to start off my dinner.

We had Unagi Don as my main course, and Baby had Oyaka with Ikura Don

The damage was about SGD70+ and it was quite pricey as the food served was pretty normal. The setting and ambience made up for the damage. When we were done with our dinner and about to leave the premises, the staff sent us to the lift and gave us a replica plastic samurai sword each as a token of appreciation!

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