Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Yokohama's sightseeing] Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum + Cosmo World

My wonderful experience in Yokohama continues... After our tour at Anpanman Museum, we walked to Sakuragicho JR Station, and it took us 15-20 minutes to reach. Upon reaching our destination, we went to Colette. Mare which is located right beside the JR Station. Colette. Mare is a shopping complex with more than 130 stores, and complete with a movie theatre, Fitness gym, restaurants and even a hotel attached to it.
As it was almost noon when we were there, so Baby suggested that we should have our lunchie in one of the restaurants in the mall.
Yes! We picked an eatery place which offers Tonkatsu, as both of us had a craving for it.  We enjoyed the weekday lunch set promotion at 1000Yen per set. We had a lovely lunch there, as the food was tasty. 'Gochisousama!' (Used to express appreciation for the food, or in short, Thank you for the delicious meal).

After our lunch, we made our way to Cosmo World by foot


Cosmo World is a big theme park.

The entry to the park is free but the rides are chargeable. There are some fun attractions like SnowPlay, Haunted House and etc...

There is a mini funland area for the kids too but we used it as our photo-taking spot.
Look at the UFO catcher! I tried twice and I failed. OM! I want the Dori Yaki badly.... 

After leaving Cosmo World, we headed down to the Red Brick Warehouse, and it is an artsy shopping and also a historic site which is located next to the port in the Minato Mirai District of Yokohama.
I love the Red Brick Warehouse as this massive building is made of red bricks which are quite unusual in Japan. What a special architecture!

As we walked around the port, we took some random photos of the breath-taking scenery.

Lastly, we walked back to the JR station and travelled to Shin-Yokohama Station for our last visit to Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum before we left Yokohama. The museum is located 5-8minutes walk from the Shin-Yokohama Station.

There is a 300Yen admission fee for an adult to enter the museum. The highlight of the museum is the replica of the Showa Era as we can walk through to get a feel of booming 1950s Japan! It is definitely a nostalgic era for many older Japanese.

In the museum, we can sample the traditional and famous ramen from across the Japan under one roof. There are 9 ramen stalls to choose from, and we set our mind on Stall 7: Sumire which offers Miso Ramen.

There is a ticket vending machine in front of each stall/eatery place, to enjoy a bowl of ramen from the particular eatery place. Simply insert coins or dollar notes to buy tickets and give it to the waiter. Grab a seat and a bowl of ramen will serve to you shortly.

Both of us had the signature Miso Ramen for our dinner which cost us 900Yen each, and it tasted AWESOME! I savored every single bit of it. 

If you are a ramen lover, then to Shin Yokohama Ramen Museum is probable the kind of place you want to visit.

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